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Found 6 results

  1. ======= REPORTS ======= tiibet (with pic of the famous Melachi!) suzie Sephira Silver (with pics) Silver (set list) Axie Dentelle Christine ======= PICTURES ======= Silver - http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3348474&postcount=314 Silver - http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3348485&postcount=322 Silver - http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3348509&postcount=332 Sephira - http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3348523&postcount=338 ====== VIDEOS ====== Band and Mika's entrance Only Lonely One(!!) Stuck in the Middle Relax Nanou (also includes Toy Boy) Blame it on the Girls Nanou Billy Brown Love Today tiibet Any Other World/Grace Kelly Rain Happy Ending We Are Golden Lollipop Sephira - (Part 1) Stuck in the Middle & Relax - Sephira - (Part 2) Toy Boy, BIOTG, Billy Brown- Sephita - (Part 3) Love Today, Any Other World Sephira - (Part 4) Grace Kelly, Rain, Pick Up Off The Floor Sephira - (Part 5) Happy Ending, Only Lonely One, We Are Golden
  2. A short transaltion from the page: https://it.blastingnews.com/cultura-spettacoli/2014/03/sofar-sounds-musica-e-concerti-live-di-casa-anche-a-milano-0075873.html?fbclid=IwAR2KywbIo0KohMjLvoFLhDIutX8KnCgpH8Q4ckIeTtVBaZKrD7GT0t6sF9I Sofar Sounds, music and live concerts at 'home' also in Milan Sofar Sounds is a project born in London in March 2009 that soon developed also overseas in the US and then in Holland and in many other European cities. What is Sofar Sounds?Sofar is a movement that organizes live music events and concerts by emerging artists, with the particularity of making them in very special locations: in private homes and in great secrecy. Sofar Sounds, intimate concerts also in Milan The live show and the magical nature of an environment with a few hundred people make these concerts a unique event of its kind. If the Sofar Sounds project has intrigued you, why not try attending their live music concert? To find out where the upcoming events will take place, go to the official Sofar Sounds website and sign up for their newsletter. The day before you will be notified by email and you will discover locations and artists who will perform and you can spend an evening listening to live music, as if you were in your own home!
  3. The show seems to have been short but special, looking forward to hearing about it! MIKA official @mikasounds Allez allez!!!! Venez nous rejoindre aujourd'hui au Lion D'Or à midi pour une performance spéciale surprise!!! https://twitter.com/mikasounds/status/618068139427938304 REPORTS PICTURES dcdeb's photos VIDEOS
  4. Mika will be performing at a Secret Gig in LA on April 15th 2009! More info to follow! ticket info: Just show up on Tuesday night, April 14th at Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills That's at Rodeo Dr. and North Santa Monica Blvd. from 6:00 PM onwards And be on the lookout for the special ice cream truck for your wristbands to attend Wednesday night's show! and let the madness begin!!!!
  5. New York – Monday, 22nd January – 7:30pm
  6. http://music.coca-cola.co.uk/gigs Basically Coca-cola bottles are doing the itunes/ipod competitions again and when you enter a code you get 2 points. Costs 3 points (i think) to enter the competition to win tickets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- i-Tunes Enters Festival Market http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article1920808.ece iTunes enters festival market From Times Online June 12, 2007 Phoebe Greenwood Digital downloads servive iTunes has announced this morning that they are launching into the UK festival market. iTunes Festival, launching in July, will be a month-long series of concerts that will take place at London's ICA. The ambitious event will feature two artists each day, taking the tally up to 60 over the whole event. The full line-up is yet to be revealed but headline artists announced so far include Crowded House, Travis, Mika and Amy Winehouse. Tickets will not be sold for the event, instead they will have to be won through artist websites and various TV and radio promotions. Speaking to The Times this morning from America, Adam Luke, the director of music programming and label relations for iTunes said: "For us it was important to do something unique. This really is a festival with a difference. It's a small intimate venue and you can't buy tickets. These concerts are really all about the fans." Why the largesse from the world's most popular download store? All the concerts will be recorded and made available through the iTunes store within 24 hours. In a world where recorded music sales are plummeting but the live music scene is booming, the iTunes store is in a unique position to capitilise. "For a fan, if you seen an artist live, to be able to have a live recording after the fact is powerful. With digital, you can now do that instantly," said Luke. " For an artist, an intimate concert captured in London which is then instantly released in over 22 countries can only be a good thing." The company have been moving into the live music arena over the past few years. They launched a Live from London concert series at the Apple store on Oxford Street in 2005. They now host similar events at their New York and Tokyo stores. London, however, was the only choice for the company to launch this event. "Your festival season is very strong. There are lots of fans routing through." said Luke. "We've only had great successes with Live from London, this is taking things to the next level." It had been rumoured that Paul McCartney could be on the bill, and of course Prince is in town and hasn't yet announced where he is playing after his 02 arena stint. However, neither acts are on the list as yet. "This isn't the full list by any means", explained Luke, " All I can say is, watch this space. Or rather our website. Most importantly though, we are extremely excited about those artists we have announced. It's going to be a trailblazing festival." click for full list of artists announced to so far http://www.itunesfestival.com/ and another article from Macworld with the same announcement http://www.macworld.co.uk/ipod-itunes/news/index.cfm?newsid=18270&pagtype=allchandate to win tickets register here : http://www.itunesfestival.com/win-tickets/?date=2007-7-1
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