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  1. WE HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO MIKA ON THE 8TH OF JUNE 2009. IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT, PLEASE CLICK HERE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or, the "Mika, get your arse to the untoured regions!" campaign! ABOUT THE BOOK: As some of you are aware, I started the MIKAustralia petition, and Oakie Doke thought it was a good idea to should join forces with all of Asia and New Zealand to try and get Mika to tour the region... cause if he tours one country, he'll likely do the whole area, right? Anyway, this is what we will be doing: # Each country that is involved will be writing some interesting information about their country, and the cities that they would like Mika to tour in. # A petition with the username and real name of each person that is involved, as well as a personal message for Mika. Other MFCers that think Mika should come to the region may also put their name down and leave a personal message. # Any photoshopped pictures of Mika by people in the region # Short DVD featuring videos people have made - you can make a video with film clips using Mika's songs, or a short message if you like... if you want to rewrite one of his song and sing it, go for it! As long as the video isn't too long, I'll see if I can include it... (this may not be included) # A section featuring where the album and singles have charted in each country The countries involved so far are: - Australia - New Zealand - Japan - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Singapore The people who are involved are: JAPAN - tomomi - Blue Sky (Organiser for Japan) - MIINA AUSTRALIA - nico_collard (The ideas person and organiser for NSW) - Oakie Doke (Organiser for WA) - Tanya K (Organiser for Victoria) - Kelzy (VIC) - xx_emily_x (VIC) - chickadee (Organiser for ACT?) - soangel (VIC) - happikali (NSW) - themetalmunchkin (Organiser for Tasmania) - Ju-Ju Lea (Organiser for QLD) - ZoZo the Terrible! (Official head fan girl - NSW) - M!Ka RoX mY sOx (NSW?) - Rainbow Sky (NSW) - SuperTwat (VIC) NEW ZEALAND - RosinaKiwi (Organiser for New Zealand) - Lolliepop_girl - racinghorse83 SINGAPORE - guineverer (Organiser for Singapore) TAIWAN - Mika_baby (Organiser for Taiwan) - 225tintin HONG KONG - Space - huikings (organiser for Hong Kong) MFCERS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES - elanorelle - Fmbm (Official fan girl!) - artsyfartsy17 If you would like to be involved (you don't have to be from one of the Asia-Pacific countries), please PM me or Oakie Doke or post in this thread that you want to help out and we'll find something for you to do... As everyone knows, Mika will be doing concerts in Europe in early June. I have decided that I want to finish it and give it to him at the London gig. PLEASE GIVE ANY INFORMATION OR PICTURES YOU WANT TO INCLUDE IN THE BOOK TO ME (BY EMAIL, PM OR BY AIR MAIL) BY THE TWENTY SIXTH OF MAY... I really need people to give me information as soon as possible so I can get the book done. If you want to sign the petition, the link is here: