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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everybody! Just a little warning that we will be running a fairly big upgrade on the site later tonight. I plan to run the upgrade tonight and expect it will take a while, maybe several hours. During that time MFC will be offline, but we will try to keep everyone updated on our social media accounts, on Twitter and Facebook. When you log in tomorrow, you'll find that a number of enhancements have been made. Many of these won't change your daily usage of the forums as we don't do e-commerce here, or they are functions for moderators. But there
  2. Hellooo everybody! So, we're due for another software upgrade -- it won't be a major one, like we had this past spring, but it will bring a number of enhancements, functions that will make the site easier/more fun to use, I hope! Here are a just a few things that are new in Invision Community 4.2! Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities. We might be able to use this function for our International groups. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. The
  3. So... SURPRISE! Our software upgrad took place overnight last night! This was a surprise to me, as the last time I spoke to our Tech Support guys they said they wouldn't get to us until the middle of the week. Wish they had warned me, but... oh well, as the saying goes, it is what it is. (I hate that saying, btw!) As you can see, we're still a work in progress -- we don't have everything exactly as it was before... but it's getting there, thanks in large part to mellody (Karin), who took time away from her little ones today to help get things organized here. THANK YOU, KARIN!
  4. Hello MFC! Wanted to give you all a little warning that we're going to be upgrading the site's software soon. We've been running an old version for a while, so it's time! With the upgrade, we expect some changes, both in appearance and in functionality. Initially, we are probably going to lose our current color scheme and our snazzy Mika slideshow that you see on the home page. But don't panic -- we'll get our "look" back as soon as we possibly can, with some improvements. Because we'll be upgrading, we will also have some new options and functions. We should have an improved
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