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Found 16 results

  1. We're looking forward to hear all about your gig experiences from tonight ! SETLIST Intro / Lollipop Origin Of Love Big Girl Tiny Love Relax Ice Cream Boum Boum Boum Yo-Yo Underwater Happy Ending Rain Elle Me Dit Grace Kelly We Are Golden Love Today
  2. MIKA will be performing at the Chant du Gros Festival in Switzerland on 7 September 2022. Tickets on sale now! https://chantdugros.ch/
  3. Waiting for photos, videos and reports from the lucky people attending this one
  4. Mika will perform at the Caribana Festival in Crans-près-Céligny in Switzerland on 16 June 2022! This is located at the Lake Geneva, between Nyon and Geneva. Please RSVP here if you're going: The gig is confirmed. Caribana Festival (caribana-festival.ch)
  5. Mika will be performing at the Connection Festival in Locarno, Switzerland on June 21. Tickets on https://www.ticketcorner.ch/mika-locarno-tickets.html?affiliate=TCS&fun=evdetail&doc=evdetailb&key=2718318%2412818651&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=427383&from=erdetaila Please RSVP here: Edit: The festival is cancelled, due to Corona: https://m.tio.ch/agenda/concerti/1430171/festival-connection-mika-marracash-locarno?fbclid=IwAR1Xvwnwe9YpMhwBmKBPsJf7Fb3cdgUdXAcdcQvML6VLDBKwVpKH5gQD4Uo
  6. MIKA will be performing in Locarno, Switzerland, in the Piazza Grande on 21 June, 2020. Tickets are on sale now from ticketcorner.ch or https://memberplus.raiffeisen.ch/de/konzerte-events/mika
  7. ZURICH !! SETLIST by @mellody Ice Cream Dear Jealousy Relax Origin of Love Platform Ballerinas Big Girl Tiny Love Blue Underwater Tomorrow Lollipop Popular Song Elle me dit Happy Ending Love you when I'm drunk Grace Kelly Good Guys Love Today We Are Golden Tiny Love Reprise / Stay High ********** REPORTS ********** ********** PICS ********** ********** VIDEOS ********** ********** PRESS ********** First photo with fan action and glowing hearts
  8. GENEVA !! ********** REPORTS ********** ********** PICS ********** ********** VIDEOS ********** ********** PRESS **********
  9. (Thanks to Anna Ko Kolkowska for the article) Here is an interview from the Swiss press TV8 weekly magazine. I CHARGE BATTERIES IN SWITZERLAND Q: You dedicated this album to your mother. We hear it in the song "Tiny Love". Was it difficult to convince her to sing? Mika: It was not obvious because my mother had some serious health problems. Ultimately, this reality, this weakness captured on the recording are very valuable to me. Q: Your mother is a warrior. Has it also given you this feature? Mika: For sure. I think it comes from the strength of my whole family and the I we look not only at myself, but at what I see around me. For example: we left Beirut to Paris and then to London and it certainly affected our lives. When you can't determine the exact place of your origin, you create your own world and you have to defend it. Q: Can this be the reason for open mind? For example, it was your mother who made you reconcile with your partner when you parted. Mika: Absolutely. This way of having distance to everything is still present. We are a family that is very traditional and at the same time full of freedom and respect for others. Like every family, we experience painful moments. While preparing the album, I was wondering if I should hide what I and my family experienced at the time. But for me it was obvious to tell about it. For them it was much more difficult. Q: For example for Paloma? This is your sister who fell out of the balcony and suffered serious injuries. Is it true that she didn't like her song? Mika: It's not about whether she liked the song. But she didn't react at all when she heard it for the first time. That was awful. As if she was paralyzed. After a moment, she asked, "Why are you talking about me?" I told her, "This is your story, but my memories. I saw it all with my own eyes, so this story belongs to both of us. " Paloma doesn't really like being noticed. But now it's all right. She accepted it. Q: You don't speak much about your father and brother. Is it because women play a main role in your family? Mika: The place my father takes in this album corresponds to what it looks like in our family. The title of the album bears his name. I am Michael Holbrook junior. This is a presence with very large but also gentle strength. As for my brother, he is a great boy, graphic artist, architect, but he wants to remain discreet. Out of respect for his way of being, I don't say anything about him. Q: Your three sisters and brother are involved in visual art. But it also happens to you. For example, two years ago you designed the Swatch watch. Mika: It was my first time and I liked it so much an idea that I could tell the story through this watch. My sister and I could carry out this project ourselves from beginning to end. We worked at the kitchen table in my house. It was a pure pleasure. Q: A video about homosexuality was made for the song "Sanremo". Have you had any homophobic reactions? Mika: This video doesn't talk about fight. It is beautiful, poetic, gentle and full of nuances. No, there was no homophobic reaction in social media. However, I felt intolerance in some of the promotional teams I worked with. They didn't know how to handle it and tried to discourage me. I told them, "You insult the intelligence of my audience!" And I didn't give up. These people only think about money; they are under pressure that they must have a profit. Fortunately, I kept my opinion. The music video was well received. Q: Do you come to Switzerland not only because of work? Mika: Yes. But nobody knows about it. I come near Montreux. Four times a year I spend a week there with my Italian friend Simone and I do training. Every morning I get up at 4 am and an hour later I go out and walk in the mountains. Later I meditate in the meditation center together with a Breton trainer who comes from Lausanne. I am charging batteries in Switzerland. Q: Is it true that you've never watched The Voice episodes? Mika: Not a single episode. Because I didn't want to change my way of being, my spontaneity. And I agreed to participate only because I don't live in France. I was coming to the studio straight from the airport and then I was leaving France. So I didn't feel any pressure, I was free. The interview was held by Patricia Martin
  10. This thread is for pre-show chat. If you're going, please RSVP here:
  11. Setlist 1. Big Girl 2. Talk About You 3. Grace Kelly 4. Boum Boum Boum 5. Relax (Take It Easy) 6. Underwater 7. Lollipop 8. Elle Me Dit 9. Happy Ending 10. Last Party 11. Love Today ====== Report ====== daeni28 #14 NaoMika #2114 ( in Japanese ) ====== PICS ====== mariech #12 1970mimi #11 ====== VIDS ====== Tillymilo daeni28 Mika SwissCaution Lausanne 03.06.16 Mika SwissCaution Lausanne 03.06.16 mariech Underwater Boum Boum Boum sortie du concert privé à Lauzanne ====== AUDIO ====== NaoMika soundcloud.com ======= MEDIA ======= Penseur de Prod MAPPING VIDEO CONCERT DE MIKA #8
  12. Hi everyone! Who is going to Verbier Impulse in Switzerland on the 16th of April? We could meet! Have a happy New Year! Mathilde
  13. Geneva !!! ========= REPORTS ========= Nanou #6 thesadchicken #10 #16 frenchfan84 #15 NaoMika #2112 ( in Japanese ) ========= PICS ========= NaoMika Geneva daeni28 #7 /#8 / #9 thesadchicken #10 carafon https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPW8LUdi6f8KCeJ4HFEP4qCM6Uu89qTlG2N9ylL8dEC6VdtZCa_jeAc1-ZJKWTGJA?key=d21GNzJFemFORXN1Z083bUxMcUIzT1AzREVKUXdn VIDS ========= Tillymilo via Lucrezia Part-1 Part-2 daeni28 Big Girl Mika GenéveK'mille AC Boum Boum Boum Origin of love" We are golden Graciosa Grace Kelly BoumBoumBoum- 1 BoumBoumBoum- 2 Part of Relax NaoMika AUDIO file soundcloud geneva ======== MEDIA ======== ON STAGE #13 Flickr Mika
  14. Please can we get a translation of the interview http://www.20min.ch/ro/musique/dossier/capricestreize/story/Mika---J-ai-aussi-essaye-la-pipe--28661327 thank you Edit: interview and translation copied here: CAPRICES FESTIVAL: Mika: «J'ai aussi essayé la pipe» Le chanteur Mika est la tête d'affiche du festival valaisan le 15 mars 2013. Quelques heures avant de monter sur scène, il se livre sans détour. par Julien Delafontaine Mika, à Caprices vous donnerez votre premier concert de l'année... Je me réjouis. Je vais proposer un mélange de mes trois disques et des surprises. Depuis quelques mois je suis en studio, alors je vais chanter des nouveautés. Comme par exemple une chanson que j'ai composée pour un film américain. C'est important d'essayer des titres en public avant de les enregistrer sur album? Je le fais toujours mais ça reste un exercice périlleux. La dernière fois que je suis venu en Suisse, j'ai par exemple testé deux chansons en français que j'ai mis sur mon dernier album «The Origin of Love». La première, c'était «Karen». La seconde c'était «Elle me dit». La réaction du public pour «Karen» a été superbe. Pour «Elle me dit» ce n'était pas très bien. Pour dire la vérité, c'était même la catastrophe. Je me suis dit oh merde... et maintenant «Elle me dit» fonctionne super bien en radio. Il ne faut pas attacher trop d'importance aux réactions immédiates. Bon si c'est à chaque fois le bide, tu peux te mettre à douter quand même... On vous a déjà vu souvent en Suisse. Est-ce que vous en tenez compte quand vous composez votre setlist? Bien sûr. Cela doit être à chaque fois différent pour le public. Le spectacle doit évoluer. La mise en scène surtout mais également l'interprétation des morceaux. A Crans-Montana, je viendrai par exemple avec des nouveaux musiciens. Ce que je recherche c'est que mes titres, même mes anciens, sonnent frais. Pour cela, on les réinvente régulièrement pour le live. Sur votre dernier album, «The Origin of Love», vous chanter des titres en français. Cette langue vous plait? Énormément. La chanson française fait partie de ma vie, de mon éducation. Même si je ne l'ai jamais étudiée. La chanson française est fabuleuse car elle te permet de t'exprimer de façon poétique et en plus il y a pratiquement toujours de la mélodie. Prends Gainsbourg par exemple. Il ne chante pas vraiment, il récite. Mais toujours sur des très belles mélodies. Tu peux chanter «La Javanaise» à l'opéra, cela fonctionne aussi. La raison de mon succès en France et dans les pays limitrophes c'est sûrement car je chante en anglais sur des mélodies à la française. Dans le nord de l'Europe, le public comprend moins ma musique. Votre dernier album est justement plus mélodique que les précédents... J'ai essayé de faire des titres que l'on peut écouter cinq ou six fois et découvrir à chaque fois de nouvelles choses. Leurs particularités c'est que tu peux chanter bon nombre de ses partitions, de guitare et de violon notamment. Dans ma tête, je voulais un résultat symphonique. Même si les titres sonnent classique ou électronique. Beaucoup de ces titres parlent d'amour. C'est facile de les chanter en public? Je pense que c'est bien plus facile de chanter l'amour sur scène que de parler amour avec une seule personne. Quand vous enchainez les concerts, faites-vous attention à votre voix? Je dois avoir beaucoup de discipline. Ce qui n'est pas facile pour moi car j'adore le vin rouge. Je ne fume pas de cigarettes, c'est déjà ça. Par contre j'aime bien les cigarillos. Quand j'écris j'en fume beaucoup. Ça m'aide à penser. J'ai aussi essayé la pipe. Mais mon entourage m'a dit que cela ne m'allait pas pas. Alors j'ai arrêté malgré que je trouve l'engin super beau. Vous allez prochainement donner des concerts aux États-Unis. Une première... C'est un truc de dingue. Les billets se sont vendus en 20 minutes pour toutes mes dates. C'est vraiment étonnant car là-bas je ne suis pas du tout diffusé en radio. Donc cela veut dire que je peux aller faire des scènes de 1000 personnes tout autour des États-Unis sans aucune promotion ni presse. Juste avec un tweet. Je suis très excité car ma carrière est très lente là-bas. Mes titres sont beaucoup utilisés au cinéma ou à la TV. Mais pas à la radio... Ma tournée va peut être leur mettre la puce à l'oreille. Comment expliquez-vous ce silence radiophonique? En fait même ici, je n'ai jamais pensé à la radio. Souvent quand je dis quels titres j'ai envie que les radios diffusent mon entourage ne me comprend pas. Mais je persiste car je suis convaincu au contraire que l'originalité c'est ce qui fonctionne. J'adore prendre des risques... C'est le secret de votre succès? Le secret de mon succès ce sont mes défaites. J'ai eu des hauts mais surtout beaucoup de bas. Ma musique, c'est de l'expérimentation. Quand j'écris, je me demande toujours si je serai fier de ce que j'ai fait dans dix ans. C'est pour cela que je n'ai pas eu une carrière conventionnelle. Tout autre chose. Il se dit que vous collectionnez les petites cuillères d'hôtel. C'est vrai? Vous savez ça! Oui c'est vrai, j'adore repartir avec les petites cuillères des hôtels. Celui qui a les meilleurs, c'est le Carlyle Hotel de Manhattan. C'est l'hôtel où Woody Allen joue avec son groupe chaque semaine. Il est très ancien, même pourri par endroit, mais ses petites cuillères sont excellentes. J'en ai quatre. Celles du George V à Paris sont pas mal non plus mais l'établissement n'aime pas quand je les lui pique. Mais au prix de la chambre, c'est comme un petit cadeau, non? (Google translate)
  15. There was an interview in Le Matin on saturday, it's in french but here it is: here is a quick translation (if anyone want to do it better, please feel free, I'm at work and don't have time to translate everything...). on march 15th you'll play in a ski station, is it a first time in snow for you? yes it is. (silence) Actually no, i'm completely wrong! I've made a gig in Salt Lake city 4 years ago. The gig was full and the team was waiting when we realized instruments, lights, etc... won't be able to make it to the place because the trucks were in snow. We refund the gig but played anyway and asked everyone to come with music instruments and finally made a acoustic gig. One of the best I've had. So, your audience should be ready to come with guitars and drums? *he laughs* no! This time we'll have time to deal with weather conditions as I have no gig before or after the festival. Will you be wearing skis? I don't think so. But we're preparing a little surprise for my Swiss audience. are you offering us a scoop? You know that I'm not.! *laughs* I want to keep the surprise secret. Your album is out since a few months now, are you happy about it? Completely. I think there are a few very good songs in it and I'm proud about it. However, it worked well in some countries and not at all in others. In France and generally in Europe the album is doig well. In the United states too, i'm very happy about the way it's working there. However, in the Uk it's still very complicated for me. It's a country that I love, but there will always be some unexplainable artistical intolerances there regarding certain kind of music. Look at the US, there are so many kind of pop music that it's common now (any help for the translation is welcome in this part ) From Regina Spektor to Rufus Wainwright, thoses over talented artists are free too play with melodies without being judged. Why, after your huge success, this failed relatioship with this country is still bothering you so much? I live in london. I'm there precisely because there are some amazing studios and musicians that I love. In the end, maybe I love this city because I'm artistically anonymous there too. I can lock myself in a studio and don't care about anything eles than my universe. Is it the same in the streets? No, a little less, because I am know in the medias. But, still, when conitnental people come naturally say hello, English people pretend not to recognise you. Maybe this will change with time. Speaking about time, you never appreciate when we talk about maturity speaking about you... because maturity is only made for cheese and wine! that's why you're still so well in your role of Pop buffoon? I'm not playing a role. it's me and nothing else. I've never pretended to be a clown only to make people laugh. If one day you'll need to be a little more introvert, do you think you'll be allowed to? As nothing is set in advance, I'll never ask myself if my evolution can please people or not. I'll still want to be serious in dealing with fantasy and mixing black and colors together. I love Nina Simone for this reason. She made pub music, night music, with this omnipresent sadness. As did Cocteau. He could speak about poetic matters, surrealistic and serious, but always with an amazing naivety. Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin, there are a lot of genius who helped me to understand that I could, and should, fight to be myself. do artists only create because they can't find their place?$ More than finding their place, i think they need to have a critical look on the place they're in. As in Tod Browning's movie "Freaks". We need monsters. In a circus we can put freaks into light and try to convince ourselves that we're not one. I almost feel like being a circus animal (he laughs) You're joining "Les Enfoirés" this year, why? I've been invited, it's not nothing! I did not know if this group of ego singing for a cause was really sincere. Once there, I realized they are. A room for women and another for men, without any "chichi" (translation???? ) I've changed my clothed in front of Jean-Jacques Goldman (a famous french singer) it's not nothing! *laugh* People often say that Les enfoirés is made of has been people... I did not feel that at all! you really think all of them has a ruined carreer? What about yours? *laughs* mine is really fine, sir, and I don't have any fear about it. future? I'm writing for american people and for cinema too. I need some "outside" projects to be able to write again for myself. which means a new album? yes. i'm composing at the piano, there is less electronic sounds. You know who Billy Joel is? there you are. True american pop music. Ambitious isn't it?
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