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  1. Nothing official yet but on the facebook group for Les Enfoirés, there are some rumours that Mika will be performing with the other Enfoirés. Nothing has been confirmed so it might not be true. I really wish it is. I'm off to Paris for the weekend to see the show on Saturday. here are some infos on Les Enfoirés: http://www.enfoires.com/uk/home#/uk/history For the people who missed it, in last year show, they did "Elle me dit": (not very good quality) ===================================================== Official clip: Attention au Départ http://wat.tv/p/5of1x D/L link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?inap58n8689nqbr RE-uploaded Final Translation thanks Alie! http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3885913&postcount=368
  2. I don't know when the program broadcasting... Team TF1 did shoot "Tiny Love Tiny Tour" and interviewed Mika. In Mexico City https://www.instagram.com/casacomtesse/ post with #50minutesinsides their IG stories IG stories
  3. The Voice (TF1) - EXCLU : Une saison pour les 10 ans, avec comme coachs… TF1 programmera à la rentrée 2021 une saison anniversaire de "The Voice", pour célébrer les 10 ans du télé-crochet. Ils ne seront pas 4, mais 5 ! Et c’est une première mondiale. Après la diffusion, début 2021, de la saison 10 de The Voice, avec Amel Bent, Vianney, Florent Pagny et Marc Lavoine dans les fauteuils rouges, TF1 enchaînera avec la saison 11, dès le mois de septembre 2021. Pourquoi ? Pour fêter les 10 ans de l’émission, dont les premiers tournages ont eu lieu en novembre 2011, avant une diffusion de la saison 1 début 2012. Pour cette saison-événement, qui sera plus courte que les précédentes, 5 coachs seront présents : Jenifer, Zazie, Mika, Florent Pagny et… Patrick Fiori, qui, pour l’occasion se frottera pour la première fois à la version adultes du programme. L’occasion de célébrer la famille The Voice dans sa globalité, incluant le coach de The Voice Kids. Jenifer, en Une de Télé 7 jours dès lundi, nous confie dans un entretien exclusif : "J’aime la version adultes car c’est un travail différent avec les talents. Mais j’ai hésité au tout début quand on me l’a proposée, peu après le confinement. Dans ma tête je travaillais déjà sur ma ligne de déco, mes nouvelles chansons… et je ne voulais pas passer outre ma famille, qui est ma priorité (…) Puis on m’a expliqué que ce serait une saison particulière, plus courte. Et l’idée de retrouver les copains était trop séduisante ! Et puis Patrick, quoi ! Je suis ravie qu’il soit là". Google Translate TF1 will schedule an anniversary season of "The Voice" at the start of the 2021, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of tele-hooking. They will not be 4, but 5! And this is a world first. After the broadcast, at the beginning of 2021, of season 10 of The Voice , with Amel Bent, Vianney, Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine in the red armchairs, TF1 will continue with season 11, from September 2021. Why ? To celebrate the show's 10th anniversary, the first shootings of which took place in November 2011, before season 1 was broadcast in early 2012. For this season-event, which will be shorter than the previous ones, 5 coaches will be present: Jenifer, Zazie, Mika, Florent Pagny and… Patrick Fiori, who, for the occasion, will experience the adult version of the program for the first time. The opportunity to celebrate The Voice family as a whole, including the coach of The Voice Kids . Jenifer , on TV 7 days from Monday, tells us in an exclusive interview: " I like the adult version because it's a different job with the talents. But I hesitated at the very beginning when it was given to me. proposed, shortly after confinement. In my head I was already working on my decoration line, my new songs… and I didn't want to ignore my family, which is my priority (…) Then I was told that it would be a particular season, shorter. And the idea of meeting the friends was too attractive! And then Patrick, what! I am delighted that he is there ". In the meantime, you will find Jenfier and Patrick Fiori in The Voice Kids , Saturday evening. The Season 7 finale will be held on October 10. https://www.programme-television.org/news-tv/The-Voice-TF1-EXCLU-Une-saison-pour-les-10-ans-avec-comme-coachs-4663398
  4. There's a report on the french tv show 50 minutes inside about Mika the 22 of september at 18:45 (french time) on TF1. The link for French http://www.tf1.fr/live/ Streaming link (Thanks LaraMay ) http://www.webactu-webtv.com/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=3 If someone know a link for people outside France it would be nice to post it please The video thanks LaraMay http://www.mediafire.com/?1t87q083hc8h33m
  5. The Voice : la plus belle voix season [The Voice] season-3, France - 2014 [The Voice] season-4, France - 2015 [The Voice] season-5, France - 2016 [The Voice] season-6, France 2017: Reconstruction [The Voice] season-6, France 2017: < PART 2 > [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018 OFFICIAL VIDEO list https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/the-voice/videos 2018.09.10 Here are the official coaches! YouTube Voici les coachs de la saison 8 ! 2018.12.16 Trailer : The Voice ? Bientôt sur TF1 ! 2019.01.31 Mika is wory of other coaches 2019.02.01 Twitter_Mika"I'm happy_be_here" 2019.02.02 The Voice - Quand Mika tente d'expliquer le but du jeu à Mika ! 2019.02.02 The Voice - Fermez les Yeux et Ecoutez cette nouvelle Voix ! 2019.03.06 4147896 / An encounter is enough to change a destiny 🔴INSTAGRAM VIDEO CLIPS Press conference videos ( January 10 ) France Bleu Gala Tele Loisirs Facebook ◉Episode#01 ( February 9 ) VK #01 Blind Audition-1 VK #01 La Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n01/ English Subtitles srt files- 01 Auditions à l'aveugle 1.srt / 01 la suite.srt ◉Episode#02 ( February 16 ) VK #02 Blind Audition-2 VK #02 La Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n02/ English Subtitles srt files Auditions à l'aveugle 2 .srt / 02 - la suite.srt ◉Episode#03 ( February 23 ) VK #03 Blind audition - 3 VK #03 la suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n03/ English Subtitles srt files Audition à l'aveugle 3.srt / la suite 3.srt ◉Episode#04 ( March 02 ) VK  #04 Blind audition-4 VK  #04 la suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n04/ English Subtitles srt files Auditions à l'aveugle 4.srt / la suite 4.srt ◉Episode#05 ( March 09 ) VK #05 Blind audition-5 VK #05 la suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n05/ English Subtitles srt files Auditions à l'aveugle 5.srt ◉Episode#06 ( March 16 ) VK #06 Blind audition-6 VK #06 La Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n06/ English Subtitles srt files Auditions à l'aveugle 6 .srt ◉Episode#07 ( March 23 ) VK #07 Blind audition - 7 VK #07 la_Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n07/ English Subtitles srt files Audition à l'aveugle 7.srt ◉Episode#08 ( March 30 ) VK #08 Blind audition - 8 VK #08 la_Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n08/ English Subtitles srt files Auditions à l'aveugle 8.srt ◉Episode#09 ( April 06 ) K.O. Team Jenifer VK #09 KO_1 VK #09 La Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n09/ English Subtitles srt files K.O. 01.srt / La suite .srt ◉Episode#10 ( April 13 ) K.O. Team MIKA VK #10 KO_2 VK #10 la_Suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n10/ English Subtitles srt files K.O. 02 - Mika.srt / La suite.srt ◉Episode#11 ( April 20 ) K.O. Team Soprano VK #11 KO_3_TeamSoprano VK #11 - La suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n11/ English Subtitles srt files KO 03 - Soprano.srt / La suite.srt ◉Episode#12 ( April 27 ) K.O. Team Julien Clerc VK #12 KO_4_Team Julien VK #12 La suite D/L MikaWebsite prime-la-suite-n12/ English Subtitles srt files KO 04- Julien Clerc.srt / La suite.srt ◉Episode#13 ( May 4 ) Battles 01 VK #13 Les Battles-1 VK Team-MIKA_Albi_VS_London_Loko VK Team-MIKA_Gjon's Tears VS Clem Chouteau VK #13 La_suite English Subtitles srt files Les Battles 01.srt ◉Episode#14 ( May 11 ) Battles 02 VK #14 Les BATTLES-2 VK #14 La suite English Subtitles srt files https://www.mikafanclub.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=40337 ◉Episode#15 ( May 18 ) LIVE 1 VK #15_LIVE-1 VK #15 La suite CLIPS JT20h / Opening [This Is Me] / Whitney / London Loco / Gjon’s Tears / Albi English Subtitles the-voice-season-8-france-2019-4159158 ◉Episode#16 ( May 25 ) LIVE 2 VK #16 LIVE-2 VK #16 La suite English Subtitles the-voice-season-8-france-2019-4160161 ◉Episode#17 ( June 1 ) Semi finale VK #17 SEMI-finale VK #17 SEMI-finale_La_suite English Subtitles the-voice-season-8-france-2019/4161151 ◉Episode#18 ( June 6 ) Finale VK The Voice FINALE VK The Voice FINALE_La Suite English Subtitles by @endless_eight Thanks a million for sharing D/L links Saison 8 @Antoine and mikawebsite.com PUREmedia http://www.ozap.com/actu/-the-voice-quels-seront-les-coachs-de-la-saison-8/566084 20 minutes https://www.20minutes.fr/arts-stars/television/2330707-20180904-the-voice-decouvrez-coachs-saison-8
  6. Mika will be guest at La Chanson Secrète in Paris the 25th of June. http://www.emissions-tv.com/emissions/531/la_chanson_secrete
  7. 2014: Audio interview + translation: Fréquence Plus - Evènement : The voice 3 Mika http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4018727&postcount=901 2015: Audio interview + subtitles: Radio ECN http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4059971&postcount=2890 =========================================================================================== THE VOiCE 2015: A list of OFFICIAL The Voice videos: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4057853&postcount=2819 -- thanks Kumazzz for listing and updating! The shows can be watched and downloaded thanks to mikawebsite! =========================================================================================== THE VOICE 2014 TO WATCH ON STREAM LIVE: http://www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/tf1-live-stream The shows can be watched and downloaded thanks to mikawebsite! On this youtube channel we can watch the 1st show https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPY4ixyWQMwgvZiatTryjkA?feature=em-uploademail And here you can watch just the battles between Mika's contestants, thanks to Kumazzz!: http://vk.com/videos232312753 =================================================================== Hello MFC I just heard on Europe 1, a french information radio, that Mika would replace Louis Bertignac in the next season of "The Voice" in France ! What a surprise :thumb_yello: Mika is, with no doubt at all, better singer than Louis Bertignac who is a very good musician (in the mythic group Telephone). Good luck to MIKA, hope he will have nice "singers" with him -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's official news now, from Mika's Facebook page: "BIG NEWS - we are thrilled to announce that Mika has been confirmed as a judge for the new season of The Voice France! That's right, he'll be in one of the famous red chairs and tasked with finding France's next huge talent. About the new role, Mika says, "I have the honor and pleasure to be a coach in the 3rd season of The Voice. I look forward to working on the show and with three talented judges: Jenifer, Garou and Florent Pagny. More than anything, I'm excited to meet the new talents The Voice will reveal to the public... I will try to stay spontaneous and instinctive in my choices. I am sure that the experience The Voice will fun and rewarding. So see you very soon! MIKA." After the success of the first two seasons, Season 3 pre-hearings are already underway but registration is still open on MYTF1.fr. Stay tuned on TF1 and here for more updates!" https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151681431893040&set=a.10150417790488040.363530.6006248039&type=1
  8. Mika will be as a guest on TF1 «Plan C» TF1 Official site https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/plan-c Notre cher @CamilleCombal a pris de Bonnes Résolutions avec @mikasounds pour cette nouvell.mp4
  9. TF1 officially announce Mika will be a guest at the Grand Finale of Danse avec Les Stars on 23 November at 21:05
  10. Mika will be guest at The Voice Kids with Florent Pagny h 21:05 on TF1!
  11. TF1 https://www.tf1.fr/tmc/quotidien-avec-yann-barthes
  12. TF1 Le 20 heures du dimanche 29 septembre 2019 REPLAY https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/jt-we/videos/le-20-heures-du-dimanche-29-septembre-2019-16531566.html
  13. VIDEO 2017.12.16 Trailer The VoiceDailymotion daily YT watch 2018.01.03 Making-of le making-of YT watch 2018.01.12 Preview VK Life_On_Mars YT la première 2018.01.17 Interview VK Mika / YT watch 2018.01.19 PREVIEW VK VK YT watch 2018.01.20 50min INSIDE VK 50min 2018.01.22 Preview twitter YTwach 2018.01.22 Alart watch 2018.01.23 Stayin Alive YT 2018.01.24 Teaser Obispo YT 2018.01.25 4 coaches singing Chanter YT / VK vk 2018.01.26 JT 20h YT 20h VK 20h 2018.01.27 Ce Soir Twitter YT youtuVK vk 2018.01.27 H-9 twitter YTyoutube 2018.01.27 H-7 twitter YT youtube Episode-1 (Blind Auditions) ep-1 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 01.srt / La suite Episode-2 (Blind Auditions) ep-2 /VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 02.srt / La suite Episode-3 (Blind Auditions) ep-3 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 03.srt / La suite Episode-4 (Blind Auditions) ep-4 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 04.srt / La suite Episode-5 (Blind Auditions) ep-5 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 05.srt / La Suite Episode-6 (Blind Auditions) ep-6 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 06.srt / La Suite Episode-7 (Blind Auditions) ep-7 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 07.srt / La Suite Episode-8 ( Final Audition - 1 ) ep-8 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 08.srt / La Suite Episode-9 ( Final Audition - 2 ) ep-9 / VIMEO w/subs here subtitles 09.srt / La Suite Episode-10 ( Final Audition - 3 ) ep-10 / VIMEO here subtitles 10.srt / La Suite Episode-11 ( Duels ) ep-11 / VIMEO here subtitles 11.srt / La Suite Episode-12 ( Duels ) ep-12 / VIMEO here subtitles12.srt / La Suite Episode-13 ( LIVE - 1 ) ep-13 / VIMEO here subtitles 13.srt / La suite subtitles 13 - La Suite.srt Episode-14 ( LIVE - 2 ) ep-14 / VIMEO here subtitles 14.srt / La suite subtitles 14 - La Suite.srt Episode-15 ( Semi finale ) ep-15 / VIMEO here subtitles 15.srt /La Suite subtitles La Suite 15.srt / Not seen on TV Finale THE FINALE / VIMEO here subtitles / FINALE La Suite subtitles Finale.srt We really appreciate all your amazing works. @endless_eight and @Boucarilla Thanks a lot for sharing the D/L links @Antoine mikawebsite.com/the-voice-saison-7 AUDIO "Chanter" youtu.be / ep1_Chanter.mp3 Cerise FM Zazie interview Cerise FM Mika interview "Heroes" vimeo / heroes
  14. Mika will be guest at La Chanson de l'année in Nîmes the 16th/18th of May.
  15. LIST OF THE VOICE VIDEOS 2015: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4062369&postcount=303 thanks Kumazzz for listing and updating! ================================================================================================================ =======================================================================
  16. VIDEO LIST The Voice subtitles ========================================================================================== https://twitter.com/ShineFrance/status/651291665391579136 ‏@ShineFrance Officiel ! Voici les 4 coachs de la saison 5 de #TheVoice
  17. Mika and the coaches of The Voice France will be guests tonight at "Quotidien" on TMC from 19h10 Link to watch: https://www.firstonetv.net/Live/France/TMC-(Télé-Monte-Carlo)-39
  18. We are talking about The Voice 6 HERE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEOS 2016.12.23 Bonnes Fêtes (2016) - With Subtitle / Happy New Year !/ youtube.Eng_sub 01.29 Trailer Trailer - With Subtitles 01.29 Making of the Trailer Making Of Trailer - With Subtitles / vk.com 01.31 Photo session Photoshooting - With Subtitles / vk.com 02.03 les coachs ont tenté de cuisiner Nikos : Vimeo vimeo VK vk.com 02.06 Interviews with Coaches here 02.09 Teaser : TF1 tf1 : VK 02.14 Teaser / 02.15 Teaser 02.16 Preview 02.16 Sympathy for the Devil TF1 / VK / YouTube "Sympathy for the devil" (The Voice 6) 02.17 Teaser 02.17 Teaser 02.17 Sympathy for the Devil 02.18 LCI 02.18 TF1 Le 20 heures 02.18 The arrival of M Pokora 03.04 Sympathy for the Devil acoustic version BLIND AUDITIONS 02.18 Episode-1 Blind audition-1 VK ep-1 Blind-auditions-1 / epi-2 la Suite Openload ep-1_Blind_auditions-1 / ep.1-_la_Suite Buzz episode-1-video-du-18-fevrier-2017/ 02.25 Episode-2 Blind audition-2 VK ep-2 Blind auditions-2 / epi-2 la Suite Openload episode-2_Blind_auditions-2 / epi-2_la_Suite Buzz episode-2-video-du-25-fevrier-2017/ 03.04 Episode-3 Blind audition-3 VK ep-3 Blind auditions-3 / ep-3 la Suite Openload epi-3_Blind_auditions3 / epi-3_La_Suite Buzz episode-3-video-du-04-mars-2017/ 03.11 Episode-4 Blind audition-4 VK ep-4 Blind Audititions-4 / ep-4 la Suite Openload epi-4_Blind_auditions4 / ep-4_La_Suite Buzz episode-4-video-du-11-mars-2017/ 03.18 Episode-5 Blind audition-5 VK ep-5 Blind auditions-5 / ep.-5 La Suite Openload ep-5_Blind_auditions_5 / epi-5_la_Suite Buzz episode-5-video-du-18-mars-2017/ 04.01 Episode-6 Blind audition-6 VK ep.6– Blind auditions-6 / ep.6 la Suite Openload ep.6_Blind_audition_6 / ep.6_Blind_audition_6 Buzz episode-6-video-du-01-avril-2017/ 04.08 Episode-7 Blind audition-7 VK ep.7 Blind Audititions-7 / ep.7 la Suite Buzz episode-7-video-du-08-avril-2017/ 04.08 Mika passes the blind audition here Interviews / Articles / Pics in MIKA in French Press - 2017 MFC threads The Voice season-5 2016 VIDEO LIST The Voice season-4 2015 VIDEO LIST The Voice season-3 2014 VIDEO LIST by mikawebsite.com
  19. Announced today, 22 September 2014: MIKA official @mikasounds Cool, c’est plus moi le petit nouveau cette année ;-) Happy to be back on #TheVoice MIKA official @mikasounds · 20s Bienvenue @Zazieonline ! Une très belle surprise. bisous du studio à LA à tous et aussi a @JeniferOfficiel et @florentpagny bien sur X MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 31s J'avoue @Garou_officiel c'est dur de m'imaginer sur le plateau sans toi à ma gauche. Tu vas me manquer mon pote. Et tu m'as aidé tellement.
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