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Found 10 results

  1. ZURICH !! SETLIST by @mellody Ice Cream Dear Jealousy Relax Origin of Love Platform Ballerinas Big Girl Tiny Love Blue Underwater Tomorrow Lollipop Popular Song Elle me dit Happy Ending Love you when I'm drunk Grace Kelly Good Guys Love Today We Are Golden Tiny Love Reprise / Stay High ********** REPORTS ********** ********** PICS ********** ********** VIDEOS ********** ********** PRESS ********** First photo with fan action and glowing hearts
  2. Hey does anyone know if any of the shows following the Brooklyn one are being filmed as well?
  3. OK, this is IT! The start of the new tour! Come on and show us what you've got, Rennes! We're dying to see/hear! According to French Deb, this was the set list: Opened with No Place in Heaven, Big Girl, Good Wife, Grace Kelly, Boum Boum Boum, Good Guys, Talk About You, Origin of Love, PROMISELAND!!! , Relax, Staring at the Sun, Rain, Underwater, L'amour, Elle Me Dit, Happy Ending, J'ai Pas Envie, Billy Brown, We Are Golden, Lollipop, Love Today, Last Party. 22 songs! ========== REPORTS ========== French Deb ========== PICS ========== ========== VIDEOS ==========
  4. Mika will perform on 22nd Feb 2016 in HONG KONG! The show is all ages and tickets are available from You can RSVP for this show here:
  5. Mika will play in Tokyo, Japan on 18 February 2016 at the NHK Hall. Fan pre-sale will be held 21st November (tickets can be purchased in Japan only). Details coming soon! General Sale 19th December! GOING TO THIS EVENT? RSVP HERE:
  6. I was thinking it would be cool if we all came up with a sort of tour list by each choosing your favorite Mika song (Yes, only one, I'm sorry don't hurt me and try to avoid choosing one that has already been chosen), your country and an awesome venue (can be as weird as you like) near you and together we can compile a song list and venue list - the dream tour! I could put the dates down for each gig as well so if you can't make a real gig you can just pretend you're at one and dance insanely in your room (with a more-or-less reason for once) Je pensais que ce serait cool si nous sommes tous arrivés avec une sorte de liste de la tournée par chacun de choisir votre chanson préférée Mika (Oui, un seul, je suis désolé de ne pas me faire de mal), notre pays et un lieu près de chez vous et ensemble, nous pouvons dresser une liste de chanson et liste de lieu - la tournée de rêve! Pardon pour la traduction. This is just a bit of fun! C'est un peu de plaisir! - lemmytoes xxx
  7. Does anyone know when mika will be performing in London? I'm desperate to see him as I've never been fortunate to catch him live before, I know he's working on album 4 in London at the moment but when will he be performing?!
  8. Hiaa I was wondering how long the tour is going to go on for, through the summer?? Because on mikasounds they are only currently selling tickets to 8th May 2010Luxembourg, Lux, Rockhall, But it's too short notice, and the plane tickets will cost more this close to the date, plus, school is a problem. I have 2 months for summer hols, never seen Mika, and my mum does WANT to take me... So yeah Thanks!!
  9. Ok we know he won't play The Royal Albert Hall...but does anyone know/think of any other small, but not small intimidating venues with great acoustics for him to play these gigs in ... before he releases the cd and travels the world on promotion again. Remember there won't be that many (and doubt they will be as far a field as usual (didn't he mention doing the States tho...or am I dreaming it?) as I would think he will play alot of countries and new places with the cd. I would hope to think he would play London for the UK (and more places north than London ...but don't want to tempt fate) and Paris? for the French part.....? I just can't think of any good venues...anyone got any ideas of venues or countries he might pre tour before THE tour? xx
  10. helloooo did anyone watch supersize vs. superskinny last night? (17th march) If so, did you see the skinny guy with mika's tour jacket on?.... i did ..... and i know alice did too! xx look....