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Found 9 results

  1. Several people have asked what happened to the FAQ that we used to have on Mika -- it didn't travel over with us from the old site unfortunately. But the truth is it was a bit outdated and had actually grown into more than an FAQ -- it answered a lot of random questions, and most of the information can now be found in kreacher's exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia. Still, there is probably room for something like a Quick Reference Mika Fact Sheet, which I have been working on. Watch for that to come soon. Until then, thought I'd answer one of the THE MOST-ASKED QUESTIONS on MFC: How can I contact Mika? Mika has recently changed management representation, and we do not have an address yet for fan mail. As soon as we learn a new address, we'll post it here. Mika does not have an email address for fans to write to. Does Mika have a Facebook profile? Mika does not have a personal Facebook profile, though you can find a musician's profile for “MIKA” on Facebook: Mika has said that any personal profile under his own name on Facebook is a fake. Does Mika have a Twitter account? Does he use Instagram or other social media? Yes, you can follow Mika on Twitter at On Instagram he's "@mikainstagram" -- if you don't use Instagram yourself, you can search for and view his photos by going to He also has a YouTube account, separate from the record label's official VEVO account, that he sometimes posts video messages on: Mika started a Snapchat account, but says he doesn't understand how it works, so never uses it. Mika's team also has an official LINE account. Mika does not have any other public, personal social media accounts (Tumblr, Google+, etc.). Who represents Mika? In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by YMU Group. In the US, Mika is represented by William Morris Endeavor.
  2. MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 31 dic 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!! XX MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 9h Hello from the USA My brother My sister Zuleika back from running The full video thanks to Eriko MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 3 h Night night everyone and happy new year. Tomorrow I will be presenting on BBC Radio 2 #TheArtOfSong from 12pm UK time! @BBCRadio2 ️ MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 3 h You can listen in from anywhere in the world! BBC radio 2 online! @BBCRadio2 #TheArtOfSong MIKA official ‏@mikasounds 3 h Now... Bed X Snapchat And a little video
  3. Here's a listing of all the various ways you can get in touch with and stay connected to Mika Fan Club: 1. Email: The main email address is (It is also the address that the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page goes to.) 2. Twitter: Follow us @mikafanclub 3. Facebook: Find us at 4. Instagram: Follow us @mikafanclub 5. YouTube: 6. Private Message (PM) on the forum: If you're registered and logged in here on MFC, you can send a PM to one of the moderators individually, or to our group account, The Mod Team: 7. Finally, you could also leave a message for the Mod Team in the "Ask the Mod Squad" thread HERE: For those of you unfamiliar with who the current moderators are, here's a list. The Moderators (as of November 2017) dcdeb -- MFC administrator, based in the Eastern time zone of the US guylainem123 -- Quebec, Canada mellody -- Germany mari62 -- Italy silver -- UK Mod Aides Kumazzz -- Japan camille* -- France Sabine64 -- Germany Hope this helps you all keep in touch with us! If you need us, don't hesitate to reach out!
  4. ok guys, so i have a twitter just to...stalk MIKA;) haha. but i have hardly any followers:/. if any one has twitter let me know, i'll follow back my twitter: @hollygibbsxx
  5. Hey everyone! I'm new and My name is Mariana I Live in Venezuela, yeah Caracas, Venezuela You can call me Mari/Maru and Sky I Love singing, writting and MIKA! *-* xD I wanna have friends here! there's somebody of venezuela too? Tell me! well that's it! Follow me on twitter @JustMari22
  6. Hello everyone!! Last time (March 29th) we did this, we got into the trending topics!! 1,741 tweets, 159 contributors, 248.7 tweets per day So, we are going to do the same! This is the link to the previous event: Twitter Invasion 1 So to repeat, it is #mikakicksass WITH the S! We will do it at 6PM UK time! (If this time is inconvienient, any time as close as it as possible will be fine ) And you don't need like 10 #mikakicksass in one tweet, one will be enough and make sure we don't do LOADDSS of them at once, make sure we put something different in each tweet so twitter doesn't think it's spam. We do need the # I realised We will be 'officially' starting an hour earlier, because I think that's easier Participants: cisserz @cisserz FREDDIESDOUBLE @FREDDIESDOUBLE Love7Poppi @Love7Poppi mari62 @mari1962 Dark Angel @DarkAngel_1983 Citiesonfire @Citiesonfire Mlx @Mlx_09 ada692 @ada692 Marly @Marly_89 superstar @superstar94 freestyle @FullOfColors Jojotje @Jojotje61 JustJen @_Just_Jen_ Marilyn Mastin @Mmastin Shikutukumimika @Shikutukumimika Droopsy @Droopsytje Foxxy @foxxy77 IngeGOLDEN @Inge_M huikings @huikings suisuimeko @suisuimeko Mikafish @sexypurplefish STEP___ @STEP___ MissPie @MissPie_MFC sweet.pixie @Sweet_Pixie mikabunny @mikabunnymely Gracekelly85 @Gracekelly85 OrdinaryGirl @MannyCulpena pinkcell29 @pinkcell29 margaret1989 lillibet @lillibet2 Fangirl @KTHXBAIOMGWTF Maaikie... @AnneMaaikie Dreamy_Queen @DreamyQ misscece @celine965 Mika4Life13 @lafemme925 Sam7413 @Sam7413 plasticsastic @plasticsastic Taylor! @taydevlin LadyLivs @LadyLivs Shikutukumimika sofimica3212 @SofiaMicaela DANI56 omgitsmakee @MakiSays ruMIKAULITZ Ilovemika__ @spaceharibo shoni @shoni 1111 LoveLoveMika!!!! <3 @MikaGal England @natalieloves @MikasPinkSocks holysusie @holy_susie pattycakes @pattycakes32 !xkirstyx! @kirstygrg Louiza @netina crazy_olly @crazy_olly tigerclaws95 mellody @mellody76 mika_me @SuperCaptainKip NikkyQuiRit_ @NikkyPenniman_ SerenaLovesMika @serenamcfly leilabell @thisisleilahere ArtemisArco @ArtemisArco mine @minemichele LaurenEngland @lauren_England Mika Cherry @MeekCheeks caramella93 @caramella93 norikothesweetmaker @an_an_brighton agathaxxx @agathaxxxmfc LoveLoveMika!!!!<3 @LoveLoveMika94 xxmika-maddo-joxx @Jooo13 bobsterjazz @imaninjayo Lili @LidiaArranz crazyaboutmika @crazyaboutmika 3rd May 6PM UK time WITH the S - #mikakicksass No spam look-alikes THE MFC TWITTER INVASION 2010 #2 Enjoy! After all, Mika does Kick Ass! PS! I'll be happy to do follow 4 follow with anyone on the list if you ask PPS Thanks Christine: Just a note - you must have your profile unprotected to have your tweets show up in the public timeline. Your #mikakicksass won't be counted if you're not visible. <---MAKE SURE YOUR ON IT IF YOU'RE TAKING PART!!
  7. TODAY AND ON MAY 3RD!! Hello all!! At this moment, we are all trying to get mikakicksass or mikakickass into the trending topics on Twitter. Now as everyone is doing it differently we thought we could arrange a proper 'invasion' when we tweet we need to make sure it doesn't look like spam either So, the idea is, on the day of release - 29th March - we could all tweet #mikakicksass WITH the S. Please leave your name below so we can get an idea of who is taking and who to say thanks to. Leave your Twitter name too if you're taking part in: 'The MFC Twitter invasion 2010' Thanks! cisserz (Twitter: cisserz) EmzieLovesMika (Twitter: EmzieeLouuBoo) Xxx Participants: cisserz (cisserz) EmzieLovesMika (EmzieeLouuBoo) pufpuf (sosweetbreeze) nollie (laurenosauraus) TigerClaws95 (TigerClaws95) lovempls (midwestclare) Lollipop Love (IamLucy_) England (natalieloves) Taylor! (taydevlin ) luvin mika 4eva (hrbrox) Karimah (carolinezcraftz) OrdinaryGirl (MannyCulpena) mellody (mellody76) BangBangLou (bangbanglou) Cherol (Cherol) kasia87 (kasia87) margaret1989 (margaret1989) mf22392 (mford22392) JustJen (_Just_Jen_) FREDDIESDOUBLE (FREDDIESDOUBLE) melissa_holland (Melissa_holland) mari62 (mari1962) Citiesonfire (Citiesonfire) IngeGOLDEN (Inge_M) kaeryana (leannascarlet) PunkiePenguin (PunkiePenguin) Fangirl (KTHXBAIOMGWTF) suisuimeko (suisuimeko) mine (MineMichele) (MikasPinkSocks) sweet.pixie (Sweet_Pixie) DEMI94 (demiHEID) patricia4u (patricia4u) nicoleta (nicoletagenovev) STEP___ (STEP___) Marilyn Mastin (Mmastin) SunshineGirl (sparkyrachel) misscece (celine965) Nightbird (KathiGolightly) Ruth (RuthFor) Lil'Violet (LilViolet) elise_xx (peterpanpirate) Jojotje (Jojotje61) Pideh (Littlepideh) Foxxy (Foxxy77) plasticsastic (plasticsastic) Maaikie... (AnneMaaikie) MissPie (MissPie_MFC ) Mary (_MaryM_) mnL82394 (MIKA_fan) lollipopgirl83 (lollytay) Runlikethedevil (Runlikethedevil) Hevthehampster (xHeatherLouisex) Statue_of_Liberty (Liberty_Statue) El_Scotty (LaurenScotty) Abbyyy (abby_jd) Graciosa (_graciosa) ce_mika (ce_ci) canuckchick (tawna_j) Enniebenenie (Enniebenenie) holysusie (holy_susie) ada692 (ada692) Dutchy (Dutchy_07) freestyle (FullOfColors) shoni (shoni1111) Gracekelly85 (Gracekelly85) juliana (ju_liana188) LadyLivs (ladylivs) pili_ruiz (revenge_pili) daisylou (daisylou-lollipopdaisy) Dreamy_Queen (DreamyQ) luna2907 Laurel (Laurel_1) agathaxxx (agathaxxxmfc) pattycakes (pattycakes) heartscollifde (ohheyitsrhiann) emmy333 (Unspoken_truth) Mlx (Mlx_09) Mika4Life13 (lafemme925) Dark Angel (DarkAngel_1983) bkxx (bevwheeler) huikings (huikings) leilabell (leilachick) omgitsmakee (MakiSays) Evie (E_Symphony) lillibet (lillibet2) crazyaboutmika (crazyaboutmika) DANI56 (DANI56) hathor (hathor2222) jacobandbensmummy (m_flower_) Sarina (Sarina_chan) FralovesMika (brandolina91) Droopsy (Droopsytje) pinkcell29 (pinkcell29) mikabunny (mikabunnymely) Jujuzita (juanapt) _Martha_ xxmika-maddo-joxx So to repeat, it is #mikakicksass WITH the S! We will do it at 7PM UK time! (If this time is inconvienient, any time as close as it as possible will be fine ) And you don't need like 10 #mikakicksass in one tweet, one will be enough and make sure we don't do LOADDSS of them at once, make sure we put something different in each tweet so twitter doesn't think it's spam It doesn't really matter if you do or don't have the # there or not 29th March 7PM UK time WITH the S - #mikakicksass No spam look-alikes THE MFC TWITTER INVASION 2010 Enjoy! After all, Mika does Kick Ass!
  8. For any of you who have a twitter account please please PLEASE vote to put @mikasounds back in 1st place in the Mr. Twitter competition!!! Vote Here: You can vote every 20 mins so vote as much as possible!!