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Found 8 results

  1. 2020 Mika in UK - Ireland press 2019 Mika in UK Press 2017 - 2018 MIKA in UK & Ireland Press - 2016
  2. MIKA in UK & Ireland Press - 2016 Mika in UK Press 2017 - 2018 It is very much to be desired that many press mention Mika in 2019. 2019 Feb 17 The The Guardian
  3. From twitter: Nina Evans ‏@Anin24 Playlist is now live, @mikasounds will performing a special accoustic version of Celebrate on @SundayBrunchC4 next Sunday x Website: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/sunday-brunch There is a watch live button, but I don't know if it will work. Not all shows seem to be available, and the one that's on now just keeps on loading for me. Perhaps someone knows of a better way to watch it? It seems to be a very interactive show that reads people's tweets and all, so I think it wouldn't hurt to show some enthusiasm on twitter when he's on =====================
  4. Mika will be on BBC tomorrow for Saturday Kitchen. Do you know if it is live or if he has already filmed his part?
  5. The 1st date of the Revelation Tour. Tell us everything about the show !! SETLIST INTRO ICE CREAM JEALOUSY RELAX ORIGIN PLATFORM BALLERINAS BIG GIRL TINY LOVE BLUE UNDERWATER SANREMO TOMORROW LOLLIPOP POPULAR HAPPY ENDING LOVE TODAY WE ARE GOLDEN GRACE KELLY TINY LOVE REPRISE / STAY HIGH ======== REPORTS ======== 4168714 by @vixenbbw 4168720 by @WeirdChild 4168730 by @pipinhaslovemika 4168749 by @Simonalaparisienne
  6. Found that article a few minutes agp, sadly it contains a mistake; read and see; https://live-arena.uk/mika-announces-comeback-single-house/
  7. MIKA RETURNS TO LONDON !!! Setlist ======= REPORT ======= Before the Show Mika @ Palladium, London, UK -- 05 June 2016 POLL: Pre-Palladium Show Meet-up 5th June 2016 Blue Sky #8 #105 mellody #9 #28 dcdeb #11 #45 dcdeb transcript : the beginning of OMS #136 Soaring Simpson#12 tiibet #13 #50 CazGirl #17 jemmalee #29 Linam #33 silver #44 kath #56 #57 RAK1 #49 Arevol #58 mamiam #62 Mikasister #64 teenagedreamer98 #65 #125 tiibet Gig reviews: Mika @ The London Palladium Soaring Simpson #76 Ambroisette #79#111 enigma
  8. hey, didn't see a topic for this for 2016 so I decided to update it. Hope you guys don't mind Found an article from Digital Spy from this year: http://www.digitalspy.com/music/feature/a808656/whatever-happened-to-mika/
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