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Found 3 results

  1. :welcomeani:Hi everyone and welcome to the new voting thread! In this thread links to places, where you can vote for MIKA. There are countless open contests, but our aim is to first of all focus on these contests that promote MIKA's music. For all „Mad Voters” we'll also provide links to contests that are not directly connected with MIKA's music, but with other aspects related to him. Everyone is welcome to join the club! Vote and spread the word, cause every vote counts! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FAXO contest: Various contests (Musician of the Months, Top YouTube Video etc.) and numerous entries. Updated links provided in the thread. TIPS FOR VOTING You can vote once in every 20 minutes and if you keep all of the contests open on different tabs, all you have to do is to refresh and vote! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you know of other voting contests where MIKA is included or could be included, let us know! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Members of the 'KEEP MIKA GOLDEN' Voting Club KMG VC member #1 Siu KMG VC member #2 Marilyn Mastin KMG VC member #3 A. Clay KMG VC member #4 egita KMG VC member #5 MikamadLizzie KMG VC member #6 Enniey KMG VC member #7 Lee-Ann KMG VC member #8 Louiza KMG VC member #9 crazyaboutmika KMG VC member #10 Mariana F. KMG VC member #11 natacha KMG VC member #12 BiaIchihara KMG VC member #13 silver KMG VC member #14 francoise KMG VC member #15 Mlx KMG VC member #16 Zak110695 KMG VC member #17 Dreamy_Queen KMG VC member #18 Jaya KMG VC member #19 Edoclaire KMG VC member #20 Rosie-Posie Boffin KMG VC member #21 Trix the Mubbin KMG VC member #22 krjsantos KMG VC member #23 Mikasister KMG VC member #24 Mina Alisa KMG VC member #25 Rakpenguin63 KMG VC member #26 sweet.pixie KMG VC member #27 Wafflekinz KMG VC member #28 Zuwii KMG VC member #29 AmaranthineMikanista KMG VC member #30 mary*
  2. In this thread we'll collect all the links to places you can vote for Mika (i.e magazines, online polls, TV stations, radio channels etc), to make it easier for everyone to know just what's going on out there, and do what they can to help If you come across a place everyone should know about so they can help, you can post it in this thread UPDATE Due to illness I haven't been on the forum for a long time, but am back now, and will over the next week try to find out which polls etc are relevant and active right now, and will add them to this front page. My apologies for the lack of updating this past year. These are the active polls I found while writing this, will add more as they come along: Did we make it to the ELITE level? YES! WE DID! LAST CHECK for MIKA for Elite Mr. Twitter Universe =1820 "Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines . . . " Contest is extended to June 8!!! So vote vote vote!!! *** More Mr. Twitter-contests, this time for: France and Argentina!
  3. >>>>HE' ON PAGE 1 HE'S ON PAGE 1 HE'S ON PAGE 1<<<< hey sorry if this has already been posted but i just saw this on twitter, it's a USA thing but you can vote for it wherever you're from, i nominated Mika for it, i think we should try and get him plenty of votes! ok so when we started he was on page 37, not good, so go and vote for him, let's see where we can get him! 1st edit: ok we have a problem, as the votes go up Mika will appear on different pages and i honestly don't have a clue where abouts he is, see if the search box at the top of the page will work for you! :-S :biggrin2: 2nd edit: haha ok, ok so i have worked out how everyone can instantly (and more importantly easily) access the bit to vote for Mika, click THIS LINK it's the easiest one and type in 'mikasounds' it will pop up easy peasy- 3rd edit: WHAT ah shoot it STILL won't work, ok i give up, someone else can work out how to do it...