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Found 10 results

  1. The Amazing Golden Ticket Raffle... ... is now CLOSED! As of 1800GMT on 8th March, 2012 the Mika Fan Club's Amazing Golden Ticket Raffle is closed, and no further tickets are being issued. Thank you all for your generous donations to help London's Air Ambulance! If you still want to make a donation to London's Air Ambulance in the name of Paloma Penniman, please visit the MFC's page here: http://www.justgiving.com/MikaFanClub PLEASE NOTE: This page is for DONATIONS ONLY! No further tickets for the Golden Ticket Raffle are being issued. The drawing for the Golden Ticke
  2. Hii everyone. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but does anyone have information about the big, colourful rug in the video for "We Are Golden"? I just got my own place and I MUST HAVE IT~ Thank you so much!
  3. Hi I'm new to MFC, and just as i was joining I heard We Are Golden on the TV - it's meant to be!
  4. Hey everybody. Got a second to listen to my story? As I said on the We Are Golden thread, I have a certain connection to this song, and I know that I will have an even strong one once I hear the song in it's entirity. Here we go..... So...... I remember the first time I saw the new vlog about the new music. I remember seeing the gospel choir singing We Are Golden, and crying. They sounded so beautiful, and the lyrics were so meaningful to me. "No giving up when youre young and you want some" I know alot of you have been so kind as to check out my website and my y
  5. It looks like there are some DJ's that mixed /remixed Mika's We Are Golden song, have been put up for grabs. You have to download one at a time, but eventually you get all 4. Calvin Harris, don diablo and Mirwais behashed his song, they sound pretty good here's the link if anyone wants to download them http://www.lp33.tv/mikafreedownload
  6. Was listening to this track and loved the gospel singers yelling 'we are golden' from time to time in this track. Anyone know if they're a group or just some session musicians that came together for the track?
  7. From The Sunday Times September 6, 2009 Mika returns with The Boy Who Knew Too Much Follow-up to 2007's Life in Cartoon Motion includes first single We Are Golden and is Disney through a Tim Burton lens Lisa Verrico (Julin Broad) In a canalside studio complex in east London, Mika ushers me into a dimly lit room where a team of people are hunched over tables. The atmosphere recalls a school science lab. Several artists, including the singer’s sister, are pasting hundreds of tiny paintings, some smaller than a thumbnail, onto pieces of paper. For three w
  8. Soooooo hope this hasn't been posted. But you can now pre-order We Are Golden the album on iTunes. It confirms the album cover is the one which earlier appeared on Mika's myspace. It has 30 seconds preview of every song on the album, and the fully produced version of the demo 'Lover Boy' It also seems that both 'Blue Eyes' and 'Toy Boy' are the versions on the EP.... Click here for the standard edition or Click here for the Deluxe Edition
  9. Click here to pre-order from iTunes and listen to 30 second preview clips. Click here to pre-order from Play. Click here to pre-order from HMV. Click here to pre-order from Amazon. Click here to pre-order Special Edition version from iTunes and listen to 30 second preview clips. Click here to pre-order Special Edition version from Play. Click here to pre-order Special Edition version from HMV. We're talking about the new album HERE!
  10. Listen to the full version of Mika´s new single "We Are Golden" @PerezHilton.com. http://perezhilton.com/2009-07-20-new-mika-2 It´s damn hot, fresh & makes me soooo happy
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