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Found 3 results

  1. So now it is confirmed. Mika will be in Italian edition X Factor.
  2. REPORTS: robertina Nezza Sarina biggirl69 mari62 PICS: clara85 sarina gracekelly85 biggirl69 mari62 mikabunny giulietta and following Sispan Pics from the net: =============================================== VIDEOS: 1. wag + interview download transcript: Francesco: In your song you say something amazing, that the value of a person isn’t judged on their wealth or popularity, but by something else. Seeing as you’ve done it, what advice would you give our contestants who want to do the same job as you? Mika: You know, when I was younger I met Annie Lennox in the street, I must’ve been about 15 years old. She didn’t have hair (? What I can make out that he says sounds different, but that’s what the Italian says…), and I turned round and said, ‘Hiya, my name’s Mika, I really want to know, what can I do to make it? And she turned round and said to me ‘If you have the burning, then you don’t do anything else.’ And I just kind of sat there and thought, ‘That’s rubbish, what am I meant to do with that?’. But now I get it, it’s kind of like, there’s no choice, you don’t know what else to do. You make music cos it makes you feel good, or you do something else. And she was right, you have to have this constant burning. F: Very well said, let’s hope our boys and girls heard that. I know you’re a big fan of Michael Jackson - I am too. They even gave you the shoes that Michael Jackson was meant to have worn at his last concerts. M: There was a lot of talk about this. I have my shoes made by the same man (or does he say Louboutin’s name? Boh…), so there are similarities, but shoes are shoes, but my shoes are different. F: Are you a fan of the moonwalk? M: You know, I’ve always tried to do it, can you do it? Francesco and Morgan do their moonwalk thing… F: Let’s do something - If you want to, tonight we’ll organise a party at my house, you’ll do some moonwalking… Last week Tokio Hotel came here, they’re still at my house, they never left, hi Tokio Hotel who are watching us from home… I wanted to tell you something else important too, later you’ll be with us, you’ll be a judge - M: That’s amazing. F: … when we decide who the new contestant will be. Do you know how to judge? M: Of course. It’ll be my first time, I’ve never been a judge before. F: You’ll be a perfect judge. M: Thank you. We match, our jackets match. F: Do you want to swap? Morgan: We’ve got the same ones, the right jackets for a judge! F: Mika, do you want to do something with me? Don’t worry. M: Sure. I’m a little bit scared! F: No, no, no, don’t be scared! We need to close the phone voting… And then Francesco tells him to say ‘push the button’ (what button exactly?? Did something get lost in translation there?? ) to close the voting. 2. Mika playing the judge - Thanks bettasan! - download 3. filmed by biggirl69! with fans in it! 3. Rehearsals Thanks Sispan! 4. Mika coming out of the studio Thanks Sispan! 5. Mika backstage talking to X-Factors contestants and little bit of rehearsals at the beginning PRESS CONFERENCE: VIDEO + ARTICLE =============================================================================== ITALIAN PRESS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE EVENT ON MIKASOUNDS!!! MIKA IN ITALIA Siamo inoltre lieti di annunciarvi in anteprima che MIKA sarà di nuovo in Italia Mercoledì 7 Ottobre!
Per la precisione, l'artista sarà a Milano come ospite d'onore del programma X-Factor, che potrete seguire in diretta su Rai Due la sera stessa!
Per l'occasione, c'è un'altra bella notizia per voi: da domani, giorno dell'uscita dell'album, partirà un contest che darà la possibilità a 4 fortunati di incontrare di persona MIKA durante la sua giornata a Milano!

CLICCA QUI per partecipare! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translation: MIKA IN ITALY Mika will be in Italy again on Wednesday 7th of October! He will be guest of honour at the TV programme X-Factor, which you'll be able to watch live on RAI 2 that same evening! There's also a competition, that gives 4 lucky winners the opportunity to meet Mika during his day in Milan! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Link to watch the show online (thanks Allegra): FOTOGRAFA LA TUA COPIA DI "THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" E VINCI LA POSSIBILITA' DI FAR PARTE DEL PUBBLICO DI X-FACTOR NELLA PUNTATA DEL 7 OTTOBRE CON OSPITE MIKA! Mercoledì 7 Ottobre MIKA sarà ospite d'onore della popolare trasmissione di RaiDue "X Factor". Il sito ufficiale italiano in collaborazione con è lieto di poter mettere a disposizione dei fan di MIKA 7 coppie di ingressi per far parte del pubblico della trasmissione. Come fare per vincere? E' molto semplice! Fotografa la tua copia del nuovo album di MIKA, "The Boy That Knew Too Much" nel modo piu' creativo, buffo, originale che ti viene in mente - sia come luogo, che come posizione del cd..tutto cio' che la tua fantasia ti suggerisce! Compila i campi sottostanti ed invia l'immagine - entro e non oltre le ore 14.00 di martedì 6 Ottobre 2009. Entro il tardo pomeriggio dello stesso giorno i migliori 7 scatti (scelti ad insindacabile giudizio dello staff di verranno premiati con una coppia di inviti e l'autore verra' contattato per i dettagli! Cosa aspetti? Scatena la tua fantasia e partecipa! Dimensione massima della foto: 2MB. Se la foto è particolarmente pesante, possono essere necessari diversi secondi per riuscire a caricarla: attendi senza inviare di nuovo i dati. La partecipazione all'iniziativa implica l'iscrizione alla newsletter italiana di MIKA con l'indirizzo e-mail indicato. Clicca qui per leggere l'Informativa del Trattamento dei Dati Universal. Note: - non verranno prese in considerazione foto in qualche modo volgari o offensive o comunque ritenute a discrezione dello staff di non adatte ad essere utilizzate per questa iniziativa. - non verranno prese in considerazione foto che non rispettano il requisito principale: ritrarre il cd originale di "The Boy That Knew Too Much". - inviandoci la foto ci autorizzi ad utilizzarla per motivi promozionali all'interno del nostro sito. - la partecipazione è riservata ai soli residenti in Italia - la trasmissione è in diretta dagli studi RAI di Milano il mercoledì sera
  3. Hey. I was told I should introduce myself after I started a thread about how terrible Patrick Wolf's new album is and tried to steal the limelight off other posters by starting a new thread. My name is Callie, I am sixteen, and I left school three years ago because I hated the ethos and the other kids and the other kids shared those sentiments about me. I now live as a hermit, I spend most of my time alone singing and attempting to write my literary masterpiece which will never happen. I can't sing by the way, although I hope to audition for X Factor next year. I work as a salesgirl for a local shop that has hardly any customers and the purpose of my employment is to make tea. I changed my name 5 years ago and I change my hair colour every few months; currently I have purple hair. I wear false eyelashes every day and I have several facial piercings. I like to dress extra flamboyantly. I have been a vegetarian all my life and I am attracted to men, women and cats. I used to be a hardcore fan of Mika up until about a year ago, but I think his new album is terrible. I love Patrick Wolf and I think his new album is also terrible. I like a lot of other musicians including Sinead O'Connor, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Pink, Elton John, ABBA, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Phil Collins, Roxette, Village People, to summarise I have naff taste in music. I also idolise Andrew Lloyd Webber. I love the X Factor because it is the climax of my social life that doesn't exist, I also like Big Brother and any other reality TV, seeing as it's my only insight. I like any films about vampires because I aspire to be one. I like wolves, and the colour purple. I also like being flippant. xx