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Greedings from Poland!!!


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Hello everyone! I see that I'm not the only one Polish fan here :biggrin2:


Heh I don't know what to write... Well... I'm 21 and I'm Mika fan, but it's obvious. BTW don't laught when my English will be strange/stupid or sth like that. I'm still learning :biggrin2:


I'm listening to Mika for sth like a month or two and I have to admit that when Relax was released I didn't know that it was his song!!! I thought it was made by some German band, seriously! I realised that it's his song couple of weeks later! Now I'm totally in love with his music, I'm listetning him all the time and still don't get bored.


But Mika isn't the only musican I'm listening to - I also love Michael Jackson, he's my obsession since my childhood, the best artist ever! None moves and sings like him :wub2:


OMG tooo long introduction, sorry :bleh:


Once again - hello! :biggrin2:

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