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Hi, I'm Allison and I'm new


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Hey! I'm Allison and this is my story of how I heard of Mika.:biggrin2:


It was a cold and dreary night. I was at my computer, listening to the song Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen, When suddenly, form out of no where my older brother yells, "Allison, Allison Come quick, Allison, You have to hear this, its is great!!!"


So, being the retarted little sister(by only 22 months) I Turn My music up louder and ignore my cybling. A Few daws later, the same thing happens, but this time I go to listen to the song, for I have nothing better to do. He asks me, "Allison, this song, it's great, you have to hear it!!," (so i listen to it), "Allison, Who do you think it sounds like??? Who, Who??"


I being an absolute retard, Said, "Ummm, The Beatles???"


Ohh, my brother had a good laugh at that one, and it was totally at my expense. He said that, no, It didn't sound like the beatles, but who it did sound like was Queen (My favorite band up until that point).


I promptly smacked myself on the head and called myself a retard. It was quite an obvious fact!! there was even a line to the song, "So I tried a little Freddie."


For weeks I sat by the radio, hoping and praying for the song to come on again, for I knew neither who it was by, nor what it was called. I heard the song a couple times, but it didn' say who it was by.


One day, I was walking through Wall-Mart(witch, by the way, is a store I thoroughly detest) and I saw the music video for the song playing an a flat screen TV. I sat there as stood for the entire song, despite my mother nagging to hurry up. I just had to see Who it was by! I took note of the name of the song and the Artist, but when I go thome, all I could remember was the word Mika, but i could not remember fo rthe world wether it was the name of the song or the artist, so once more I sat by the radio for long, drawn out periods, hoping for just a tiny tid bit, all I wanted was two simple phrases.


Then, a miracle occoured. A friend was visiting, and we happened to be talking about music(glorious glorious music) and I told her there was this song that I had heard and I wanted to know who it was by.


She Knew!!!


She knew!!!


She knew!!!


Oh I was so happy, I could barely hold it all in!!!


The song; Grace Kelly, by Mika!!!!!!!

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