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Mika in Popcorn Magazine


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I REALLY don't understand why there are hardly any articles about Mika in German newspapers and magazines - it really seems that this country hasn't noticed him yet. Or rather: the German media hasn't notice him yet and that is why German fans are heavily neglected :thumbdown:


However, the teen magazine Popcorn dedicated a whole page to this new, obviously absolutely unknown artist... :bleh: hope you like it.


There is no new information in the article but I think the fact that a German teen magazine has finally written something about him might be reason enough to post it :mf_rosetinted:


You can also download the article here:



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Cool. Finally one German teen magazine did it. I'm still waiting for the BRAVO though. Some "new" interesting facts: his father was kidnapped in the 80's in Lebanon when his mother had to flee with the kids, he plays guitar (don't know if he really does) and he takes his time with falling in love (because "Relax" is just the way he thinks about girls). :blink: .

Thanks for posting. Reading an article like that kind of took me back to my teenage days :wink2: .


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