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i found that really funny because my friend and i get board and like to play matchmaker with mika, lance comes up every time!! and, not that i care, but we can always set him up easier with a guy than a girl. we think its because if he's gonna be with a girl then we want it to be one of us. if its gonna be a guy then we dont have much of a chance lol

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I'm dead serious. I appreciate a good bon bon when I see one. :thumb_yello:




haha i went through a HUGE ricky martin phase a couple years ago... i got front row seats to the Livin' la Vida Loca tour and it was sooooo awesome!!!



But about the 12% Mika thing... what the heck, we don't even know! I love how they just like, assume all this crap about him. It kinda ticks me off a bit.

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