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hello...i'm new


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When i first saw MIKA he was on mtv, but the tv was on mute so i couldn't hear him. the next day i saw the very good-looking MIKA again and i listened to his song. I was and am in love. He is amazing! Tall, handsome and extremely talented. :biggrin2: My main music love used to be Keane and still is one of my number one bands......but MIKA is so happy and his songs are so great, i love him! MIKA and Keane are two of my main obsessions.....


so yeah...


i'm done. :mf_rosetinted:

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Sorry for the late "Welcome", but "welcome"!


The 2 songs I love by KEANE are:

Everybody's Changing and Somewhere Only We Know.

I saw their concert here in Toronto about 2 months ago (only the 2nd concert I'd ever been too! MIKA was my first real concert in March)


...and I'm 35 years old!!!

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