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Hey loves, I'm Kaela.


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Hi everyone! I'm so happy I found these forums!


My name is Kaela. I'm 18 and from New England. My younger sister got me into Mika. She's really into finding bands on myspace and she randomly stumbled across him. She made me listen and I was determined to hate it because she and I don't like the same music. The first time I heard 'Grace Kelly' all I could think was "whoa, that's high" and "what on earth is he saying?" After hearing Mika several times his music really started to grow on me. One night I was in Border's and I saw this huge poster advertising Mika, so I decided to buy the cd. I hardly ever buy a cd if I only know 1 song. Obviously, it was the best $11 I've ever spent!! I listened to Life in Cartoon Motion for the first time that night driving home. My 3 best friends were with me and they loved his music! Mika's a miracle because my group of 4 girls has hardly ever agreed on music (the only other music we agree on is Queen. lol)


So since then I've been listening to Mika obsessively, watching his YouTube videos, and gazing at pictures of him (I didn't know he was that good looking until I bought the cd!!). I don't care whether he's gay or not. I love him either way.


2 days ago (Wednesday, June 13th, 2007) I saw Mika's show in Boston. It was absolutely the best concert I have ever been too. My friends and I had so much fun. Mika looked like he had a ton of fun as well. He also looked very fine and I really appreciated his shirtless bit during 'Love Today'. I didn't get to meet him though, and I'm wondering how people managed to do that.


Well I think this is long enough. I've been looking around the forums and I think I'll fit in... I have a dirty mind sometimes haha.


See you all around the forums!

- Kaela

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