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Mika-music print book


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It's also available on http://www.musicnotes.com :wink2:


THanks for sharing this. I have just purchased, downloaded and printed two Mika songs from that site. Now I will run off to play. I do think this is different than the book which you can see at amazon.com, but says it is unavailable. It says it is a 92 page book, I think. Maybe with piano music and Mika art? Hope it is available soon, does anyone know more about it?


****runs off to play Mika music on the piano******:wub2:

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OOOH, YAY! I don't know how to play any instruments but perhaps this will inspire me to learn!


By the way, here's the link to it on the US Amazon site:




It says that it includes 3 pages of color photos as well :biggrin2:

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