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Mika - Relax (Take It Easy)

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Released: 18/09/06

Label: Casablanca Music



'Relax' comes on like the musical lovechild of Scissor Sisters and Queen, with elements of The Beatles' 'Penny Lane', and a melody and lyrics that are suspiciously similar to Bronski Beat's 'Small Town Boy'. Mika possesses a falsetto Freddie Mercury would be proud of, and thankfully he knows when to stop himself before it gets irritatingly camp.


If you've always wanted to know what an amalgamation of every great gay anthem from the Eighties would sound like today, then listen up. Updated with delay-heavy keyboards and a stomping bass drum that drives the song, and a catchy refrain (it's as if I'm scared/it's as if I'm terrified/it's as if I'm scared/it's as if I'm playing with a fire" that will have the most serious person singing along with gay abandon.


B-side 'Billy Brown' starts with the verse "Billy Brown had lived an ordinary life/two kids, a dog and a cautionary wife/and while it was all going accordingly to plan/then Billy Brown fell in love with another man". Need we say more? Well, yes. There's a cheeky brass section in the chorus that shouldn't work, but does to great effect and Mika's dry voice contrasting against piano flourishes leads us in to one cheesy singalong. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.


However, we're left unsure whether this is to be taken seriously or not, and quite how to pronounce Mika's name...


Kirsty Krampf


MIKA Official Site

MIKA Myspace



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riho from tallinn

06 Dec 2006, 20:22

unbelievable good song(sound)






(There were loads of comments but i cut them cos would be tooo long!


I think its a bad review- i think ...! but the pic is really nice !


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