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MIKA fans from India


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Hi everyone,

I came back home to India recently from Russia. Me and my family are huge MIKA fans. I found out to my horror that no one knows about MIKA in India. me and my daughter are doing our bit to educate as many as we can!!!! I would like to meet any one from India who are MIKA fans.Also I would like to know if I have to take permission from MIKA to write an article in Indian news papers.Please help me here.:blush-anim-cl: :blush-anim-cl:

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Hi pam,


I am happy to hear that you and your fam are huge Mika fans! :biggrin2: Sadly, I don't know any Mika fans from India. But there may be an "India" thread!


I think you have permission to write articles about Mika! :thumb_yello: I'd check with the government, though.


I hope I helped at least a bit. :blush-anim-cl:

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surely someone should know him.:blink: MIKA said in an interview that a radio station in delhi was playing a remix of Relax when he went there for christmas. good luck with the education!get as many ppl as you can:thumb_yello:

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I found it!!!!

When ever I go back...which won't be till next year I'll make sure all my cousins know about him!

I hope they will already know if him by then though

I think he could really do well there...all my aunts and stuff love his music

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Well I live in England, but everyone from my mum's side of the family live in India, and some of my dad's side as well.


I'm about 2 thirds Indian myself (the rest is English, and partly African) so you're not alone! :punk::thumb_yello:


I went to India in Feb for my cousin's wedding, and no-one had heard of him there either, but my iPod came in handy. :biggrin2:

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