The David Bowie Thread

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Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs Tour. The image is crap but it´s worth it (don´t watch it, Asun. You don´t deserve it!! :bleh:)



No???? Ok, I won't watch it...















Couldn't resist!!! :mf_lustslow::mf_lustslow:

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Hottest man alive

My favourite movie (Labyrinth)

I really loved The Prestige


PS: That duet with Marianne Faithfull is from a TV program called "The 1980 Floor Show" taped in the summer of 1973

Apart of that duet, the best performance for me was "sorrow". Amanda Lear, Bowie´s lover in that time, was there as well


sorrow..haven't listened to it for along time....thanks queeniepedia!:naughty:

and yes, it IS a compliment!:bleh:

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hey, has anyone here seen Mr. Rice's Secret?

i want to see it but i want to know what other people think first.

if its worth the trouble ill probably go through to find it.

being that its david, im sure it is :bleh:

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I really like it. It´s not a typical movie. It´s kinda weird :bleh:


Il Mio West brings the lolz. I really recommend that one!

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i had a dream about David last night.:mf_lustslow:

it was really vivid, and really weird.:blink:


It started with me in school. I was in a portable and itwas at the end of class because our teacher had just dismissed us. The teacher was David Bowie. But from the Ziggy days. But he wasn't Ziggy, he was still David, just looked like he did then (sorry if that doesn't make sense).


Let me tell you now that he looked amazing in his outfit, standing at the desk leaning over with his thin fingers resting on his books.:wub2:


Sorry, anyway, he dismissed us and I walked over to him, like any student does when they want to talk to a teacher they like. We began walking out of the room together and as I looked at his beautiful fingers lightly grasping his papers and clipboard I complimented his outfit.


He was wearing black silk pants and a dark blue silk blouse, both had the same pretty white flower print on them. They hung loosely but flatteringly and were held tight, high at the waist, with a thin black belt. He was also wearing a wide rimmed black hat that sat at a beautifully dramatic angle over his face.:mf_lustslow:


So, he thanked me and we walked down the back stairs and to a shopping mall that just happened to be close by. This is where it gets a little fuzzy. Apparently, at this time, he told me that he had magical powers and that there was someone following him and trying to harm him because of it.


I was following him around the mall but he got too far ahead of me and I lost sight of him. I searched for a while and caught sight of him entering the women's bathoom. I ran after him and found him there. When he sawme he ran across the hall to the mens bathroom. I chased him over there and found him sprawled out on the floor in the corner with a pair of pantyhose on over his pants and shoes.:lol3:


I shook my head and helped him up, telling him that if he kept running from me there was no way I could help him with this guy that was after him. He smiled at me with those beautiful lips and lovely eyes and apologized.


Then it gets fuzzy again. Somehow I ended up at home, (but it wasn't really my house, it just was in the dream) I guess David had brought me back. Then he gave me a red button. He put it in my hand and closed my fingers over it, holding my hand with the both of his for a moment. He told me that if anything happened to him that i was to press the button and it could save his life. He gave my hand a small squeeze and left me. That was the last I saw of David.:shocked:


Next thing I knew I was in what was supposed to be my bedroom, sitting at the window watching for something to happen so I could push the button.


I never got to find out where it went from there cause I woke up.:thumbdown:




Now anything and everything Bowie related just gets me so............OoOoOoOoOoOoOohhhhh *shivers!*

I just can't get enough now.


Have you ever felt like that?

It was just so real and I can't describe the emotions it gave me.

But those emotions just won't go away!!

Its like they need to be, well, fulfilled *wink* and i can't fulfill them because David Bowie is somewhere in New York and I'm pretty sure if I were to somehow get there, magically find him, and try to explain that he needs to help me fulfill these feelings and emotions he would probably have me arrested.

And I doubt Iman would be very happy with me either.


Listening to his music is just making it worse too, but I can't not.


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so did I.

I tried sooooooo hard to fall back to sleep after that, but it didn't work :no:

and even today I still feel all OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOhhhhhhhhhh *shivers* :blink:

its not cool.

I can't shake the feeling.

even when i was really mad eariler today there was still an underlying OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOhhhhhhhhhh *shivers* :blink:



but, oh well.


so, Whats everyones favourite David Bowie song?

mine is currently "Drive In Saturday":wub2:

but its always changing.

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That was mine too when I first statred listening to David Bowie.

But then I started listening to other Bowie songs,

and just fell in love all over again. :wub2::wub2::wub2::wub2::wub2::wub2::wub2:

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ok, i'll have to watch it later. gotta finish homework.


thanks rockinbabzz, im glad my insanity can bring you joy.


Ziggy was my fav too for awhile:punk:

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Babz, rocking the classics :naughty:


:wink2: I'm really only into classic Bowie stuff, even if he did do some good stuff later on aswell. The whole Ziggy album = love.


But I have to add that I think he is absolutely the hottest in Labyrinth :mf_lustslow:


Btw, for a bit of a laugh, here's Bowie & Jagger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74r-_anTO4k :roftl: I love this song + video with all my heart

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I was in teenage wildlife forum and bowienet´s like zillions ago. My user is probably still there :naughty:

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