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Philipshalle-Dusseldorf (03-11-2007) - Photos / Videos


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Okay, so here are some pictures I took last night. I was at a great spot (thanks cath and fanny!!!!)

Needless to say the gig was great!










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I wanna see as soon as possible all the amazing mfcrs I met :wub2:


And I would thank also an italo-german girl that had made a niiiiiiice tshrt on the model of Mika's "man with an arrow stick on face" and an amazing panel with an "italian" lollipop girl..I forget her name and after the gig we lost eachother..:doh:

she helped me a lot to defend the first row from the attack of the small but f*kn unbearable girls who continue to push us for hours..but finally the french vanguard and the others mfc troops were saved and we did our supporter work:biggrin2:

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..what are those puppies/toys?? some of them have number/letters:blink:


It is a advent calender which is made by the German Fanclub - and my present for Mika is a part of it. :naughty: Thanks to "rauschendes Bächlein" for giving it to the staff before the gig - it looks very nice at the keyboard.

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Ah, was it an Advent calendar! It looked like something 'Christmassy' indeed, well done! :thumb_yello:


I think this will become the thread for pics from Dusseldorf? Here are some of mine:



Treasury :glasses3:






Grand Marnier


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