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Heroes Thread!


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This thread is for all you Heroes fans!


For those of you who don't know what Heroes is, it is a TV series that is.. AMAZING.

The plot of Heroes is designed to be similar to the stories of comic books. The series has large, overall plot arcs and minor story arcs within. No matter what characters exist and what events make up a season, each season of Heroes is planned to involve ordinary people who discover their abilities and their reactions to that discovery.





Basically, Heroes is about people who have superpowers. Some use them for good, to save the world (like Claire) and some use them for bad (Like Sylar :wub2:)

So, who else is a fan?



If anyone plans on posting spoilers, please post a warning before posting. (:blink:)




Thank you!!

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i don't mind as long as sylar's ok :bleh:


i really hope he takes over the world :wub2: he so deserves it for working so hard!


lol. xD

as much as I looooooooove Sylar, I love Peter more. I think he's going to kick Sylar's ass if he tries to take over the world. hahahaha.

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