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Did you guys see MIKA with the Necklace i made for him?!


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im just super happy today!!!! because Mika is amazing and allways surprise me!


i gave him this necklace/USB 2Gigs memory card - that my brother, my mom and me made from scratch!

after the newcastle concert:




and today i watched the BBC2 "SOUND" tv show... online...(thank u babs!)

it was filmed at the day of the Brighton concert.

and what i see on Mika around his neck??? :shocked::wub2:

Here is the video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tyG7wufWl6w



Mika if you read this... THANK YOU for doing this :) hope u love it and will use it loads!


sorry if u all know it allready....haha im just really happy :):punk:

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That is such an amazing present Sivan! :punk: Very original and useful AND very Mikaish with the rainbow colours! :thumb_yello:


And I think I can understand how you must feel, like I did when I saw my beads appear everywhere. Last week one of the Art Exhibition pics appeared in a Dutch music magazine, it made me grin. :biggrin2:


*off to watch the BBC2 program now - haven't seen it yet*

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