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Hey from South Carolina


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Hey fellow mikans,


I am just here saying hello to everyone. And well maybe to to let you know how i heard of Mika. I was cruzin on youtube one day some time back in april or may and i came across this austrialian guy by the name of Cain9nine. He had the most interesting video blogs going on. so i wanted to hear more from him and found a grace kelly video he did.. well as soon as i heard the song and watch his interpertation of it i wanted to know more about this new artist MIKA. so i also did a search on mika.. and found his other great songs out there and also found out he had a cd out called "Life in Cartoon Motion" well i just had to have the cd. so i looked in the stores here in the south ,you know the bible belt of america" and couldnt find it anywhere.. so i did the next best thang and ordered it from amazon.com... its the best thang i ever did.. i LOVE THIS CD. THANK YOU MIKA for bringing this music into my life.. well okay that is how i came to this GREAT ARTIST.


oh how did i find this site.. well just today i hooked up my dsl and wanted to see how much faster my connection was so again i went to youtube.com and was looking up MIKA STUFF and found an interview that had this website at the backend of it.. so i decided to join.



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Hi there! Welcome at the MFC, have fun here:thumb_yello:

I took a peek at your profile and saw that you are old enough to join us at the Oldlings Thread: (Congratulations!!) http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10941&page=103 Please visit us sometimes, we are mostly women but normally very friendly....:roftl: :roftl:

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