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The Fashion thread.


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I decided to make a thread about fashion, since there's no such thread like this, suprisingly. I've been in many other forums and seen fashion threads,

so that kinda inspired me to make one here. :naughty: You can post pictures of your clothes, shoes and whatever within topic. Get response and stuff.

You can also just talk and have a great time, of coursie! :D


Anyone? :biggrin2:

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Haha, okay. That's the fashion that the mags dictate.



I like shoes. Ballerinas :mf_rosetinted: Im so full of grace. I'd wish I had 100 pairs!


Yeah.. They're.. cute!


If I had some, my teacther wouldn't notice me walking in to the classroom a little bit too late :roftl:

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I love ballerinas too^^


this gonna be the xmas pressie 4 my bros

{sorry 4 the quality, pic taken with my mobile in david&goliath covent garden}




..I've recently discovered this brand..I'm a t-shrt addicted:mf_lustslow:



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I studied fashion design and still love it.. But I like it more as a way of self expression.

Sadly though, these days fashion seems to mean others deciding what we're supposed to be wearing and I despise the whole concept of that.


Fashion = good.

Being fashionable = bad.

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