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Hi, my name is Saska and I live in Sebia (unfortunately), but you wouldn't believe me" : Mika is very popular here. :biggrin2:

I just adore him, especialy Love today,mmmmmmmmmh


Ćao Saska!!:welcomeani::flowers2:


Dobrodošla...ima nas ovde još iz Srbije koji vole Miku!:wink2:


Svrati na naš Ex-Yu thread!!!:thumb_yello:





Viiii, još jedna!!:yay: Vidim da ti je Dragana već kazala za naš thread, nadam da se nam ćeš pridružiti.


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Hiya! Saska....sorry for my ignorance,but...wheres Sebia? O_O.

Anyway,weeelcome and have a good time here,dont be shy ^^!


she left out an R.:original:

It's Serbia.(south-east Europe)


Saska,nadam se da ne zameras,sto odgovaram umesto tebe:wink2:

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