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Very Important!!!!


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We are sorry for annoying & enerving you with that but this here is very important. it could be that our votes have not been counted in the large quantities in which they were given due to the fact that the number of people actually voting was quite low. this means that it is possible that those people who have voted like 50 times a day have just been counted once or twice (if at all; we have NO IDEA).

so if you lot could just click on the following link and vote for Grace Kelly... it would be GREATGREATGRAT. we are not asking you to vote 44 times a day or vote every 30secs or so - just vote now (and as often as you voluntarily want of course).

Thank you.




(yep, wrong section. but it's all for the greater good.)

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i voted more and more but nothing happens :thumbdown:

i dont believe this voting is true and real :sneaky2:


but i'm voting now :thumb_yello:


and rhianna so close GK in little time is suspect :shocked:


same here! I've been voting all day yesterday I don't believe my votes ever counted...

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