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I am constantly singing away in my van to the cd, but I had no idea that the volume was loud until the other week when I visited my auntie when my sister was there, and as soon as I walked through the door she said she knew I was coming 'cause she could hear Big Girl from inside the house.LOL!

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yeah...me too

it's so embarrassing that when the music stop u just find your body's moving :doh:

i do it naturally with the rhythm , i do it when im at office too :doh:


also, when i heard live lounge interview, it is hilarious so i tried not smiling on the train , it's difficult :mf_rosetinted:

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Oh, what i did today was also quite stoopid, i stayed in a shop full of awful clothes and accessories cos they were playing 'Happy Ending' ......


I really want the video on my ipod, but my ipod is as old as my dog, it's pink showing black and white ... if the video is in itunes store i'll get myself a new one can play videos, yay !

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