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Mika in "de joepie"


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A short interview thing, sorry don't have a scanner so just took a pic:roftl: :






Mika (24) has been superbusy but he still wanted to take some time for Joepie to answer some questions.

1. Almost everyone loves your music, and especially the song Grace Kelly. Do you like this?


Ofcourse, just like everybody I just want to be loved. And especially by as many people as possible. But I also think it's funny that everyone likes Grace Kelly so much cause it sounds so happy. I wrote it when I was pissed off at everyone and everything cause nobody liked my music. The record companies didn't want anything to do with me at first. And thanks to this song it all changed.


2. Thanks to the succes you're being pampered everywhere. Did it get to your head?


Not at all. In London I still take the tube and the bus a lot and I always give up my seat for an older lady. I'm a nice, well-raised Lebanese guy.


3. Do you go out a lot with your friends?

No, I'm not your typical guy that loves going to bars and goes out a lot. Binge drinking for hours isn't my cup of tea.


4. You go mad on stage, but are you a real musician?

Not at all. I play the piano but I can't read notes. I have all kinds of tricks to remember the music I composed. I did go to the Royal College of Music for a while, but I quit to make it as an artist. When I was on my own I had to write songs. But it didn't go so well. Almost nobody liked my music as much as I did. I wanted to give up, when all of a sudden I was allowed to do some gigs. I loved it so much and one thing led to another. You see: you may never give up too soon!

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this sounds like it's written for kids :roftl:

hmmm well the magazine is intended for youth in general... But idd, it's the kind of magazine you only buy at the age of 12... Except if Mika's in it or on the poster of course :mf_rosetinted:

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