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Results of this year's avatar/signature comp


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I announce the winner of this year's Design a Signature and Avatar competition 2007.


I would firstly like to say well done and thank you to all of the members who have taken part in this competition.


Here are the voting results.:punk:


Cheeseygoodness scores 8 points (the winner):yay: :yay:

GhostsIntheRadio scores 6 points (comes second)

Droopsy and Starrats score 5 points (comes third)

Mika4Life score 3 points (comes fourth)

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Top Posters In This Topic

are you going to see twilight the movie?!?! i mean he IS the main character and all :biggrin2:


HELLS YA! but i don't think they've started filming yet. he's also in a movie in the U.K called "how to be" and it looks GREAT! but i don't think they'll release it here :thumbdown: hopefully it'll be on youtube.







You called.:punk:


of course i did!!!! my siockness made me forget, i think. :wink2:

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