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Mika on Live Magazine


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My mum bought the newspaper 10 minutes ago, and look what she found in the magazine inside the paper


the magazine was pretty big so i couldn't scan the whole thing but u can still see most of it :wink2:












edit: if u can't read it I can type it up for you, though i'm pretty sure its the same thing written in the 'Star of wonder: Mika talks about his merry future' thread

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Wow, thats alot of pics!! He looks very xmasy!!:D

I wonder is that paper in Ireland?? And is it a daily one or weekly?


the newspaper it came in is daily, so today would be the last chance of buying it :wink2:

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thanks for posting!


does it say anywhere who did the photoshoot? like picture taken by : insert name here


well it says portraits by Ian Derry, I checked his site but I didn't find any mika pics

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OI! WOW!!!


thank you so much!!!!


I'm sosososo sorry if that sounds brash / importunate /whatevertherightwordis but: could you scan the pictures again and post gigantic BIG versions that fill my whole screen? (OMG, I fell so stupid. I'm so sorry. *kneels down* oh please! :tears:)

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