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Robbie Plans Huge Comeback For 2008


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Again, from The Sun:


1., Robbie will release B sides album this year (real ablum planned for 2009)

2., He planned to collaborate again with Guy Chambers last year but 'it did not work out' (must have been about credits and royalties:mf_rosetinted: )




Thanks for posting!


I was reading his next album will blow everyone away including take that :shocked:

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I'm {pretty}fan of RW too:wink2:


*waits to be insulted* :naughty:


I have nothing against Robbie, but I don't attribute his success to him as a musician - as I explained it many times before. :wink2:


In fact, I have already been to a Robbie concert as a friend of mine from another country was dying to see him in Budapest. So she came along with 4 friends of hers and we had a great time at the concert. (I must tell you R was completely out of his mind (on drugs), so I thought to myself: 'great that I went to see him before he disappears from the music scene 4 good..'.:cool:


You came out of the closet? Im still in, close the door, the light hurts my eyes. :naughty:


I knew you were... :wink2:

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