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Lukes Responce....

Cynthia Mulat

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WOW Thats so lovely:biggrin2:

But what planet is he on, to think no-one would read it:naughty: Surely he knows what we are like:mf_rosetinted:


yeah..............duh :roftl: :roftl:


we even find a comment on a news site written by Mikas little brother 2 years ago for goodness sake.

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Luke Juby's responce to all the comments on his latest...only blog. :biggrin2:


Jesus, I didn't think anyone would find and read that! Thanks for all your comments. I guess now I should write a bit more often (more often than once?). Happy new year to you all.






I think we should encourage this... Its nice to see that he's so modest...






I hope this hasn't been posted already.


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this may be a stupid question but wat the hell are you guys talking about i am totally lost and i want to know what is going on!:shocked::boxed:


They are talking about Luke's first and only blog on MySpace! :naughty:


He was amazed when he noticed all the replies and he replied as well. :wub2:

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