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hi everyone!


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i'm new to the fan club, but have been listening to Mika for quite sometime now..

i first saw "grace kelly" on some belgian channel ages ago, and loved it! immediatly bought the album, and it's my bible.. the dvd is fantastic, reminds me of when i saw him at his concert at forest national, brussels, AMAZIIING! i didn't want it to end! :D

so hellooo to everyone here, looking forward to chatting with u all!


lots of loveee today

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yaay! i heard that! he was interviewed after the concert? did u see it? i'll send u the link if u haven't..


Thanks! Yes I saw it... I was all excited when heard it on Belgian television and afterwards I watch it again on Youtube...


I really was a great audience, but an even better show :naughty:

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