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I'm Sam.

I've been listening to Mika for a little over a month.

I don't know if other people feel this way, but to me, Life in Cartoon Motions is just like the most relevant break-up album ever. Obviously, some tracks don't fit that theme (Big Girl, Billy Brown, etc.) But tracks like Erase, Happy Ending, My Interpretation have been so helpful to me as I've been going through a break up! Since I was introduced to him via Lollipop, it wasn't what I expected. But I'm really grateful for it.

Anyway, I love Mika and his music... so here I am.

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Hey sam! Welcome to the site... Enjoy it... but I know you will!:wink2:

Sorry about your break up.... It's like break up season! You're the.... 4th or 5th person I know who's had a break up recently! weird... But I'm glad Mika could help you:thumb_yello:

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