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Hi guys. Do any of you like football?


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I do love footie but I don't really watch it unless there's a World/European Championship. When those are on I watch every single game.


If I had to pick a team I like it would be either PSV (dutch) or Manchester United.

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I sure do!

I enjoy watching football more than anything else on TV and it's even better to see a match in live. I love the excitement.

My favourite team is Real Madrid, I think spanish football is the best one in the world. I also like our home-team, but something is seriously wrong with the club football (and football in general) in our country, so I don't even watch it anymore. If you do watch it, it can happen that football loses all its charm.

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well, in Canada, european football is called soccer, which i am not a fan of,

although it is extremely popular here.

But, football as i know it (american football) i love!!! my son plays for our local team and won MVP this year... he has a change to join a team that is going to France late spring/early summer for a competition between countries... it would be nice for him.


you can see a pic of him and his team on my space:thumb_yello:

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Yes! :D It's much more exciting, and more goals for sure. :roftl:


That's true.

Seeing a handball match in live is definitely one of the most exciting things. Wow, now I really want to go and see one.:bleh: Can't wait for the EHF champions league to continue.

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Sporting (Portugal)


and... José Mourinho is an arsehole.

Sorry, just had to say it.


I agree!




hope there will be a tie:mf_rosetinted i diont really watch football' date=' so i dont mind who wins or looses really lol, but id prefer..........ugh it tough.......chelsea cuz theyb were the first i like lol[/quote']


I hate them! :naughty:

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