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my poopy day (Cars and Battersea Hotels)


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.....It was ok I was running late for work (as usual) but at least the boss wasn't in yet to catch me :bleh: so nothing out of the ordinary until on my way home, was nearly home too when my car got rear ended at a roundabout (she thought I was going to go pfft).

.....Well I've never been hit while I was driving before (in fact the only other time was in my other care when my hubby was driving and we got rear ended again), but I still got a huge shock and everything flew out of my bag and off the back seat n stoof, and I felt a bit dazed for a few moments till I realized where I was and what had happened and that the car was slowly rolling back, so I put the handbrake on quick and the other lady was getting out of her car.

.....Well we swapped numbers and her car had lots more damage than mine as mines just got a dent in the boot that makes it harder to open. (pffft we had the lead nicked off our roof entrance too on new years eve). :sneaky2:


:badmood:Then to top the lot I got all angry and upset after trying for 2 weeks to amend my hotel booking for my London Mika gigs and it wont let me do it online, :throw:eventually I tried to ring them, and to cut a long story short I have rang them about 15 times in the last 3 days, I have spent about 3-4 hours either on the phone or on hold or trying to get through in the first place, it's bloody ridiculous, the only way I could get through was via the automated messages menu, then the transfer to customer services, then her boss cos she couldn't sort it, then his boss cos HE couldn't sort it, then HIS boss cos he couldn't sort it, then "Oh give us your number and we will ring you tomorrow and sort it when we have spoken to another boss".

.....This has been the rigmarole every time I have tried to ring and it's finally made me loose it today, in fact I got sooo frustrated by it all I ended up in tears (yeah sad I know but it was soooooo bloody annoying).

.....They said your gonna HAVE to cancel it then we will refund it..yeah right, did that tried to ring the number he gave me.....40 mins later when I got through via Lisa (their automated message thing AGAIN!!), HE HAD GONE HOME:chair: so I had to tell the tale to yet ANOTHER PERSON!! It's STILL not sorted, I have given them my number yet again told the tale to about 20 different people at their stupid call centre!!

.....I now need to compose a letter of complaint and try not to swear, I was going to use them too to stay at Battersea cos I know some other MFCers are staying at the same place.


My rant is over, sorry folks for being moany but my head and neck still hurt.

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Well if it makes you feel a bit better, your car accident will work out in your favour, since the woman who rear ended you will have to pay for the damage to your car through her insurance, her fault for not driving with due care and attention.

Are you staying at the Travelodge by any chance? I am looking to stay at either Battersea or Marylebone, just waiting for Bexx to get back to me.

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