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Mika performing at the Brits!


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I guess the chances for a performance of Stuck In The Middle are not very high, right?


I wouldn't entirely exclude it but I can't imagine him creating anything special out of it...unless they lend him Freddie Mercury's piano he 'demanded' early last year:naughty: :naughty:

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Can you buy them then? I thought you had to apply. I seem to remember applying ages ago.


Well according to this, you can buy them, but is it worth it for one song?


If you are lucky enough to be the holder of a Mastercard or Maestro card you will be able to secure your BRITs Show tickets as of tomorrow morning at 10am.


Be sure to check back here tomorrow morning for the buy links. The ‘Priority Booking’ period for Mastercard/Maestro will run from 10am on January 15th to January 22nd.


General public tickets go on sale from 10am on Tuesday 22nd January.


Most people have a maestro, it's your debit card.

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Yeah I applied too. I think they have the VIP 'pit' tickets and the other ones....

Not sure which ones you apply for and which ones you buy though. I presume the ones you buy are the 'normal' ones and the VIP ones have to be allocated in a different way.


But I might have just made all of that up so I dunno.

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Ok,I am willing to buy 2 tickets (one for myself and one for another mfcer) they would have to pay me back asap but at least they wld get one, especially handy for those who do not have a debit card. The reason for this is I would LOVE to go, not only for Mika but it would be great to go to (also it wouldnt be jus one song as we are likely to see him receiving several awards :wink2: ) BUt I do not want to go alone and also I need to know tonight as I will go on the site in the morning and buy them, but I dont know how much they will be and I will not buy them if they are too much! But if anyone is interested in this offer then please pm me!



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I'm serious interested in going but not until I have a price.


I have a little info that might help those who want tickets get them faster..i.e before they sell out!


Links to sale pages:






I paid £2 to get them but am sharing them with you!

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