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¡Hola a todos! Por su puesto me encanta la música de Mika... ¿pero qué más?


Well, I'm a student in New Hampshire, an artist, and a huge Queen fan who discovered Mika's amazing music sometime last year while reading - no surprise - Brian May's soapbox (online blog).


I've never seen Mika perform live, but my sister and I are devout fans.


...so yeah!


Pleased to meet all of you!

(PS: this website is, as we say is NH, "wicked" cool!)

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Hiya seaside_rendezvous!!!

Love your username :thumb_yello:


by chance, I seem to have come here just at the same time as you, and like yourself I'm a MASSIVE Freddie / Queen fan... AND, the icing on the cake, I found out about Mika in the exact same way as you!!!


Brian was defending Mika in his soapbox. I remember that the venomous attack on Mika by some poor excuse for a music journalist contained a description of Mika as looking "like a diseased Leo Sayer"... I knew that if the guy had to resort to having a go at Mika's personal appearance, then his music must be good :biggrin2:

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