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the mikagasmic pictures thread isn't supposed to have a lot of chatter and these days it's mainly for posting new pictures.....

i think :naughty:



this thread is just for any pictures of mika that you love and we can chat about them :wink2:


under no circumstances will you fight. :glasses2:

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:lmfao: Omg norwalk. I can't believ you actually named it after my karate breakdown :lmfao:

i can never tell if you're serious or not :lmfao:

I like this thread!


you should go to the thread kata started that's called this is no d thread or something like that :naughty: i posted the link up there *points at the post i made*

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you're supposed to go to kata's thread :lmfao:

just click on the picture and it will take you there :naughty:



Why make this thread then :shocked: Now I have to go make my intro somewhere else and have to find another great pic to make that intro!! :shocked::roftl:

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