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The Travelling Elephant Thread


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This here was originally Pinkunicorn's idea,

so every credit goes to her and her creative mind! :wub2:



So get aquainted with Humphrey! Humphrey has been chosen to travel the entire MFC-Empire in which the sun never sets! He also has his own MySpace & welcomes new friends from all over the world! Check him and his blog about his adventurous travels out here:





Pink's idea was the following:

Since we have such a world wide fan base, why not make a travelling bear (edit: elephant) who can be sent to each member? If we have a bear (edit: elephant) complete with his own USB stick, he can travel amongst members who can leave photos of his journey, or comments and their usernames on this USB stick for the next member.

We have pleanty of members so it can be an ongoing project, at the end of the year (or when the usb is full) it can be put on here so everyone can see, and even make a book about the travels 'A year in teddy (edit: elephant) montion' or whichever you feel is appropriate.



Rules to the MFC Elephant:


Everyone must abide by these rules. They are NOT guidelines and it would be very much appreciated that everyone stuck to them so that Humphy doesn’t get lost. These rules should also be with Humphy on the USB so that people are aware of the rules when it is posted on.


To Join:

To join, please send a PM to one of us complete with your location. We do not need addresses!



Stick to the list which has been posted, unless you PM one of us (Sarah_loves_Mika or Petra) with why you will not be able to post to the person following you on the list (such as lack of money, etc and we will slot you into the list which is more suitable for you).

When posting Humphrey, please put a 'Please Return To' address on the back of the box. The address will be Pinkunicorn's - we don't want Humphy to get lost while travelling! When you post the elephant, please make sure that Humphy is comfortable. He travels alone, so make sure he travels in style! :naughty: Humphy loves colourful parcels and likes being wrapped in soft things. And he loves chocolate while being en route :naughty: .



Please post in the thread as well as PM the member following you on the list when you have sent Humphy, so we know where he is at all times. As soon as you have received Humphy, please post it here in the thread and PM one of us as well so that we can change his status here and on his MySpace. :thumb_yello:



What to do with Humphrey:


Have fun. :punk:

Humphrey can accompany you to school, to work, to uni, to day trips, to shopping trips, to what ever you do in the time he is visiting you!


Take pictures while you are having fun!

Save the pictures in your folder on the USB! It might be great if you also uploaded some pictures somewhere and sent them to us so that we can put them on Humphy's MySpace!



Before posting the elephant onto the next person, sign the USB file!


PM the person following you on the list to get their name and address, unless you are handing Humphrey over to the next person at a concert, a meet, etc.


You are allowed to keep him for up to 5 days and then you have to post him on. If the day lands on a local holiday or a half day where your local post office is only open for a certain time, then please try to arrange that he is sent off to the nearest time of 5 days, whether that be before or after. There are alot of members to get around! :thumb_yello:


Please keep these rules in mind when having Humphrey. We want this to be as much fun as possible, but we do not want to lose it. In the interest of safety, the person on the list before hand will ask you directly for your address.



The List

The Person Who Has The Bear Will Appear In Bold.

'Travelling' will be added between two bold names where the bear is in motion.


Pinkunicorn123 -- England

Sarah_Loves_Mika -- England

Bexxy -- England

ThatRadFreak -- England

Becky -- England

Melman92 -- France/Brixon Academy 26th February

Petra -- Germany/Brixon Academy 26th February

Sienna -- Sweden

Kalas -- Sweden

Femifrosk -- Norway

Savage Beauty -- Norway

Diana -- Netherlands

Lollipop_monkey -- Canada

Finkster -- New Jersey, USA

Foalbaby14 -- Florida, USA

Musicfreak -- Florida, USA

Queenmikamop16 -- USA

Norwalk174 -- Iowa, USA

Buni_Suit_Classix -- Pennsylvania, USA

Lilmot -- Seattle, USA/Seattle 14th February/Vancouver 15th February

Tomomi -- Japan

Space -- Hong Kong

Mika_baby -- Taiwan

Humphrey to go back to pinkunicorn123 for a short visit..

RosinaKiwi -- New Zealand

Soangel -- Australia

Oakie Doke -- Australia

xBillyBrownx - Egypt

Sparkly1 -- England/Brixon Academy 26th February

SkullyRox -- England

Mac1718 -- England

Mika, I love you -- England

Haeschen02 -- Germany

violetsky - Switzerland

KamIva - Poland

polish-girl - Poland

Joana - Portugal

Sonjalovestoday - Iceland (I think)

Nielo - The Netherlands

Blue - The Netherlands

rockinbabzz - The Netherlands

Mozarella - From Sweden -

Ioana - Germany

Mikafish - Wales


Members who have been a part of this project who have pulled out of the list for the moment:



The Team:-


Pinkunicorn123 - Founder / Project Manager

Petra - Leading Senior Member

Ohwowitsnicka - Leading Website Design

Phunkygal - Humphrey Fashion Design

Soangel - By Country Support - East Australia

Oakie Doke - By Country Support - West Australia

IngievV - Standby Graphic Design

Sarah_loves_mika - Standby Senior Member

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heh heh Humphrey ol' bean your a lucky elphylump cos you get 3 mfcers in one day on Feb 26th by the looks of the list :naughty:

6 from the list as far as i know. he'll meet melman, me, sienna, häschen, you and KamIva. Plus sariflor, christine and the rest :yay: lucky humphy!

and mika of course. and cherisse, sara, luke, mikey and martin. :yay:

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6 from the list as far as i know. he'll meet melman, me, sienna, häschen, you and KamIva. Plus sariflor, christine and the rest :yay: lucky humphy!

and mika of course. and cherisse, sara, luke, mikey and martin. :yay:


Lucky Humphrey! :biggrin2:


I'm sure he'd love it if someone took a pic of him with Mika and the band. :naughty:

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Glad to see this idea has a new home/thread


Yea!!! me too. Thanks to Petra and Sarah_loves_Mika for taking on the project and doing a great job!!! and hey....looks like Humphrey is already a-travelling!! Can't wait to see some photos!

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