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Hi there - Olá

Quantic Sakura

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Portuguese Mika fan extraordinaire, introducing herself to the crowds! lol

I'm a 20 years old chemistry student, I've fallen in love with Mika's music over time, right now I'm absolutely addicted. For the first time in my life, I am a fan of a pop artist, and I'm damn proud of it too.:wub2:

kisses to everyone***

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Olá Ana!!!

vc já encontrou o tópico português, então nem preciso te falar dele. :)


seja bem-vinda ao MFC!!! aqui tem muitos portugueses e brasileiros, pessoas que vc poderá conversar na sua língua :)


tem tb dois fóruns que não sei se vc já conhece: o mikalandia que é português (a mary deve aparecer aqui mais tarde e te dizer qual o link) e o Love Today, que é brasileiro (o link tá na minha assinatura) ;)


beijinhos e divirta-se! :)

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Oi oi! Eu já tou no Mikalândia (mas ainda não escrevi nada...sou um fantasma, buh! lol exames de faculdade, os meus piores inimigos - seguidos de perto pelas insónias, razão da minha presença aki a estas horas tardias).


Anyways, I forgot to mention how I came to know about Mika! It was actually funny...a few months back, I was talking on msn to a friend with whom I have these really huge, weird phylosophical arguments. And he asked me if I had heard this song Grace Kelly, and sent me the lyrics - telling me how stupid it was and how shallow that the singer stated he'd change his colors for love, and how one should always be true to one's self.


Anyways, I read the lyrics and, first instinct, searched the song on youtube. When it played, I realized it was a song I had heard - and liked - on the radio. I heard it a few times, reading the lyrics, and told my friend how I thought he was wrong - the whole music had a sarcastic feeling about it; the singer wasn't saying he'd change for love, he was challenging the girl to say she didn't like him. So, we discussed this for hours and hours, and finally I downloaded the song to my mp3.


A couple of weeks later, Relax was released and, to be very honest, I hated it. It was too...noisy, high-pitched, and commercial-sounding for me. So I forgot all about Mika...until a day, Grace Kelly randomly popped on my player and, for God knows what reason, out of the blue, I suddenly realized the song wasn't a love song, but that it adressed the fans, the listeners, the industry. It was then that the absolute brilliance of the song hit me, and I got curious about the boy behind it. A LOT of hours in youtube later, I was irremediably a fan. Still am. Not only of his amazing music, but also of his refreshing, humble personality. He is a true artist in a world of commercial sell-outs, and he made me recover my faith in music...and THAT is saying something.


Oh, one thing I should tell you right away...I talk a lot, write even more. :blush-anim-cl:

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hey and nice to meet you :)


I knew Mika in almost the same way - a friend of mine emailled me the lyrics and after I read through them I wanted to listen to the song so I did and then eventually I tried googling "Mika" to see what he looked like and I was HOOKED! The boy is just too gorgeous :D

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Ahhh! Bem vinda! Que bom ver mais portugueses aqui!!!! :wink2:*parece que fui a última a chegar...representante desnaturada!*


Anyway, espero que te divirtas por aqui! Somos meios malucos, mas como é tudo por uma boa causa, não há crise! :roftl:

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