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CLOSETMIKAFAN aka SUZY's hubby is finally coming out!!!!!


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Hello all in MFC Land!!!!


I wanted to introduce myself, I am CLOSETMIKAFAN aka SUZY's hubby. I was

introduced to this forum more than a year ago by my better half SUZY. My

first MIKA experience occurred while I was driving our car with Suzy and

our kids when she blasted the radio on high and went on and on about a

certain song and artist that she was hearing on a radio which she

adored. As most husbands go, I mumbled some form of acknowledgement and

kept on driving not knowing the full extent of what was to happen in the

coming days.... :blink:


Lo and behold, soon enough Mika became part of our family!!! The kids

love him, SUZY loves him and yes, I am man enough to admit that I like

him. His music and shows are infectious, a lot of happy, mixed with some

sad, an eclectic mix of crazy sights, sounds, but a whole lotta fun.


I have had the opportunity to meet him twice, last year in Toronto and

then again in Chicago (where I believe I am still wanted by Chicago's

Parking Authority because I haven't paid my fine - I so want to know

what happened to the woman that said she would put a quarter in the

meter for me :roftl: ) both times were great experiences but my tag suggests

I am in the closet about liking MIKA, however, I don't want you to think

I find anything wrong with liking MIKA at all. I appreciate the hardwork

and effort that he puts forth in his shows and more so his kindness to

his fans, it is very rare to find that kind of openness in an artist.

What I also love is that he and his band makes you feel special,

welcomed but mostly comfortable, with meeting them. There is never a

"I'M A SUPERSTAR" attitude from him or his band mates. They are

approachable and making a connection with them is relatively easy, as

easy as meeting new friends for a pint at a pub.


For the few posts I have put out and to the 2 shows I have been to, I

was able to meet and interact with a great mix of individuals who I

would probably have never had the opportunity to meet, and with that I

can understand the allure of the forum. It is safe to say that I won't

post as much as some individuals on this forum, but when good things

happen or if there is some milestone or event, I won't feel shy to

say "HEY!!! or whatever else I want to say. Hopefully I don't get branded as "Big Brother" though :wink2:


I look forward to interacting with you all on the forum from time to

time and hopefully get to meet those that will be attending the TORONTO

show, if not Toronto, then maybe somewhere else, at another time. Dress

warm, have fun, and don't be shy, I won't bite. Not unless you ask and I

have permission. :naughty:



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Top Posters In This Topic

Hey I'm glad you're out of the closet!!! So nice to see you here! :thumb_yello:


You are a great husband embracing all of this Mika madness and not hating me too much for spiriting your wife away to far off lands to see our idol.


Can't wait for dinner Sunday and of course the show on Tuesday. See you soon!

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:shocked: YAAAAAAYYYYYYY !!!! WELCOME CMF !!!!! My beloved also came with me to the one & only Mika concert in Sydney, Australia ..... & he really enjoyed it ... !!!! :thumb_yello: Yeah..... MFC can take over home life a bit .... tho' ... in my experience .... for the most part part ... it has been enriching ... :wub2: .... & I really appreciate you posting here .... & now perhaps my lovely fellow will post also sometime soon .... :thumb_yello: Thank You .... :punk:
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are you a 'real' husband? :naughty:

i mean, we are fighting with ours everyday about Mika's madness...and now here you come, out of the blue!


can we send all our husbands to you for a lesson?:naughty:


welcome, i met Suzy in Toronto last Summer (and Christine, but she's not yr wife...ahem!) and you must be proud of her...sure she's proud of you!


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oh my goodness!! :shocked: hello!! if you are as nice as suzy (met her in london, aside here), we'll all like you :bleh:


welcome to the forum! :thumb_yello:


*wishes hubby starts posting here as well, but thinks it's likely he won't :naughty: *

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Thank you to everyone for making a guy feel all warm and fuzzy with the greetings and welcomes....:blush-anim-cl:


are you a 'real' husband? :naughty:

i mean, we are fighting with ours everyday about Mika's madness...and now here you come, out of the blue!


can we send all our husbands to you for a lesson?:naughty:



hey robbie, you know how the old saying goes..... "if you can't beat them, join them..." :naughty:


i'm not looking to take over the forums, just wanted to join in the fun once in a while.


Thanks again to all and I hope to interact with once in a while.

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