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The date is provisionally set for 3rd June and there will be a thread set up for it (and the other parties), but we are still working out the arrangements.  There will be more news over the next few w

Yup. Gosh I totally forgot about that thread. The straightest thing I've ever done in my life 😂

Hi Today I found out why I was unable to post images on MFC with my phone as my browser (almost a year after I became unable to do it) suddenly asked me today to give permission to open and post

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3 hours ago, Gabry74 said:

Hi! This evening Mika will be guest at Che Tempo Che Fa and I opened the Topic:

Can please someone add the event on the Calendar? Thanks. :original:



Added :thumb_yello:

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1 hour ago, Becky Blue Eyes said:

I'm just curious what the chances are of Mika getting a fan mail address again??  I have a card that I'd like to send to his mom/family, but nowhere to send it to :sad:


When we hear anything, we'll let you know.

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13 hours ago, Andrea said:

Hi i would like to buy a meet and greet for the show in Bari . How can I do that?



Mika doesn't do paid meet and greets.  If you are lucky, he may come out and speak to fans after the show, but there is no guarantee that this will happen

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Hello everybody :) , first of all I´m sorry, because I think I´m just acting really stupid right now...but this is my first ever fan club chat so I´m not used to the way these forums work. I wanted to write something in the introduction forum, but I´m not sure what " Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" means? Can I just write something and you´ll approve it later one, or do I have to do something specific before I write? I understand that it needs to be approved when I´m opening a new thread...but I´m not sure about it, when I just want to write/reply to something. Sorry guys, but I´d be really thankful for someone to quickly explain. Thank you all a lot 👍 😊


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55 minutes ago, Natacha Carina said:

I was wondering if there's a way I can get my old account back ? I forgot the password, my last post in here was in 2013. My username used to be "natacha".  Anyways, worth the shot. Thanks in advance. 


Are you Natacha the grey undies threads girl? 

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