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Fan Story Competition for the MFC!


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Okay, some of you may know me as the queen of drama from the MFC's famous, Pink Pony Riders Club. So, i was thinking why not see what all of the PPRs and the rest of the MFC can show me. I know you all can be just as dramatic as I, trust me!:roftl: If you don't know, a fanfic is a fictional story written by fans. This will be more like a story. As i know, you can all get a bit dirty when it comes to mika, I am requesting that you try to follow the PPRC guidlines! Have Fun!




Entries are all due on Feb. 14th(Valentines day) and should include one of your fave celebs, it doesnt have to be Mika. NO MORE THAN 6 PAGES TYPED PLEASE!


What you will be graded on:

How dramatic/action packed it is! You can make it as cheesey as you wanty, the more cheesy drama the better!


Who will be judging:

Rockinbabzz(the other fanfic queen) and I will be judgind you on the above areas, so even if you fear it will not be fair, it will because two people are judging, not you, but your story!


What will I win?:

Whoever wins will get a small, but especially meaningful prize! Our lovely Starrats has volunteered to Make a 1st place banner for your sig to ub in the other's faces, and i will have a favorite quote from your fanfic in my sig, also, you will be an official PPRC honouree, your name will be posted on the first page, and you will become a character(if you arent already) in the PPRC!



Rules: (as in the PPRC)

-Chicken is ALWAYS nothing more than implied and should be used when relating to the story.

However, this should be kept to a minimum. This is not a dirty fanfic, but rather an adventure one

-The characters (not the writers) ages are 18+



HAVE FUN! PM ME WITH QUESTIONS! (and mods, dont worry, an automatic elimination from this comp will be over dirtyness, but I mean, there does have to be some romance!And it is a story, not a Fanfic, more like a Fanstor, if that maeks sense!)

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Yay, I'm so honoured to be a judge in this :thumb_yello:


People who know my reputation will be scared now, but like Phunky said, no chicken this time :naughty: Just write a nice, exciting story!


exactly, if you feel the need to be dirty, dont enter the comp, but PM it to me and i will give you my oppinion!:roftl:

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when im high on sugar:






i have never been drunk though, but when i was little i have i think, i drank my parent's beer and some mouthwash(apperently u arent sposed to swallow it!)

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I like to think of myself as a writer.....but I don't know if I can write something without chicken, so I may have to pass LOL


I'll think about it ;) It will give me something to do at work....


It can be implied... otherwise it'll be out... by me...


Gotta keep the form PG rated... :mf_rosetinted:

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You HAVE to enter! You'll win fo sho!:thumb_yello:


Awwwww... do you think so?


I don't wish to add chicken, buut can my character be under 18? Only cause otherwise I have to think of a new start bit.


I don't see why you can't make your character under 18 if there's no chicken...


Mine prob won't have chicken in it either...

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Of course your characters can be under 18 if they don't have chicken :thumb_yello:


And we do actually prefer it if it's not too much focused on chicken, I know you won't believe that coming from the slashfic queen but this is just a child-friendly story competition :naughty:

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