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The Dodgy Holiday Tour - Thank Yous / Appreciation


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So the tour is now over!

After months of gigs, reviews, pictures and videos i think it is about time we had a place just for the thank yous.

I know that the experiences that many members have had over the last few months have meant the world; Mika and his management have pulled out all of the stops for us, ending in a fantastic night for everyone last night.

It is very much appreciated, and as sure as i am that most people will not be able to express the extent of that in words, we can sure as hell try!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Wonderful idea!


Mika and the band and the management:


Thanks for the wunderful music, the amazing gigs, the lovely meet and greets and finally for changing my life.



All members of MFC:


Thanks for let me join this wonderful community and changing my life too. (Even though I'm not writing a lot but I'm a calm one - in real life and here too.

:blush-anim-cl: )

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I'd like to say thank you life, thank you love, thank you maestro Mika, there are some angels in this forum. :bleh::mf_rosetinted:I see "La vie en rose".


Thank you Mica, his family and every member of his crew!


Thank you the wonderful people i met. :thumb_yello:

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To his management:


Thank you so much for everything! The show was just absolutely incredible and I loved EVERY moment!! John - there were no choccies at Hammersmith. You made me cry :tears: and Andy, please don't walk away from me...I know I may be a little domineering sometimes *"hey, you gotta come back and record this!"* but I am only little as well and so I need to be seen and heard :bleh:


To the MFCers:


It was wonderful meeting those who I managed to meet! I can't wait to do it again - God knows when it will be though! The memory will be cherised (and shared on YouTube)!




Dear Mika....Mika my dear...


You're such a performer. You're incredible. I can't express how much joy I felt when watching your gig *in the front row next to Christine at Hammersmith I might add!* but unfortunately I never met you. *it's been a year dammit and it will happen one day - you can't run away with those lanky legs of yours forever!* but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself!! Gutted I didn't go to the last gig where you held a meet and greet/after party, but hey ho, another time maybe! You're so....everything. You're everything and you mean so much to me and every member on the MFC *ooh rhymage* but please bear this advice in mind:




Seriously, keep being yourself, because that's one of the main reasons why we love you. Thank you for all the opportunities, smiles, laughs, tears *good tears*, pictures, videos, hugs, kisses and most of all TIME to those who have gotten anything on that list.


I think we've all just about slipped into PMD. (Post Mika Depression) get your arse working on that second album PRONTO so we can all see you again...you will be missed during these hard, long months without you!


I love you. We love you.



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My thankyous for the WHOLE Dodgy Holiday Tour 2007-2008 belong with the fabulous people here on the MFC, who come back here and write wonderful reports for us in far away countries... those of us with no gigs listed for now.


You are all so amazing, you give us blow-by-blow descriptions pre- and post-gig, some people update us with live feeds from cell phones ringing around the world during the gigs, we have photos and youtubes and such generosity to fellow fans ONLINE....I am just....:tears::tears:


There are some aspects that need some serious attention in our little fan club, (gig behaviour, signings, photos with the Big M, M&G behaviour, respect for other fans etc) but these are addressed on other threads.


HERE I would like to say, as far as those of us sitting in front of a keyboard are concerned, the generosity of MFCers in faraway lands to us all over the world is.... unmatched. You have no obligation to come on here and recount your stories, but when you do, you make a LOT of people happy.:)


Thankyou all.


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Okay...well since i made this thing, i may as well add my two cents also. But my thank you does not really extent to mika as much as the others.

I have still never been to a concert!

Even if i was in the queue on Tuesday (that was only to meet my dear mfcers, unfortunately i could not stay).


I would just like to thank everyone however who made it all possible for those who DID attend.

It seems i have no real life, and live on the mfc, so i get to see first hand how these gigs, meets and general niceties affect the members on here.

I love the mfc more than life itself, not because i am a hugely obsessed fan, and not because i play LICM every day (actually, i didnt even legally own the album until this year!). It is the people on here that make it all worth while. Everyone is a character in their own right, and we are a dysfunctional family - but a dysfunctional family that works.

I feel like a proud mother every time a member comes online with pictures, reports and a skip in their step because of the shows and the consideration taken towards fans, and us here at the mfc.

I realise that the members on here do not amount to even a fraction of the mika fan base, and therefore we should not expect prime treatment in anyway, but each time, you out do yourselves and give these guys memories they will never forget. You make their days, weeks, months and years. It is amazing how music and a unity within a forum can create such a result, but it does, time and time again .

So thank you :)

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I realise that the members on here do not amount to even a fraction of the mika fan base, and therefore we should not expect prime treatment in anyway, but each time, you out do yourselves and give us memories we will never forget. You make our days, weeks, months and years. It is amazing how music and a unity within a forum can create such a result, but it does, time and time again .

So thank you :)


Pink I just wanted to repost your words with altered pronouns for my emphasis. (Hope you don't mind):blink:

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SO many people to thank, don't know where to start!

Okay, lets start with MFC:

MUNICH: Where the madness started.

Caz, who made flying funny for me, sorry hun I know it was your first time but your reaction to a tiny bit of turbulence really tickled me.

Ioana, who was my comedy partner through the 3 days, we had the best laughs and should definitely not be left alone together for too long or my sides will split, seriously.

Mellody, saved us after the show and got us back to the hotel safely. Can't thank you enough, my phone twin!

Em, who is amazing and is the best company on a night out I've ever met.

Also Sasje, Leator(really sorry I keep calling you Lance Bass,but you really do remind me of him), Mirtilla, great harmonising with you, Guillietta, Violet Sky, and everyone else who's names escapes my old brain right now.

UK: So many shows, so I'll just list people in no particular order, but you know what you did to make my tour experience as great as it was,only a couple will be duly noted for above and beyond.

Debs, Tooch, Robi, Carrie and kids, Wendy, Kath, Abby, Leigh, Ruth, Suzy, Christine, Jennie, Laura, Natalie, Yoppa, Kata, Bettasan, Em, Scg, Vicky, JuJu, Debbie, Blue, Vixen and her friend, Emmalou, Saralou, Charlotte, Sivan, Summer, Vanessa, Marianne, Sariflor, Russia, HJ(THE ORIGINAL) and his wife Big Girl, Tristiana, CazGirl, BB Vix and Sparkly1 (for making me laugh, a LOT), and of course FD.

Above and beyond:

All my roomies; Sara, Babs, Kata, Em, Dani (very brave woman, I don't speak Italian and she speaks very little English, but it worked!) Jemma, what can I say, brave enough to be my roomie twice, what a girl, ha ha, love ya Jems!

Finally, the bravest last.

Caz, Bexxy and Tia, you girls not only brave enough to be roomies, but to let me drive you too, you deserve a medal and have my undying admiration forever!


Back with part two shortly.

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Mika if you ever read this, lol, the 28 gig was AMAZING. You are really an artist.. that means, entertainer, great singer, dancer... the whole concert was great, all the scenography and customes, the music, everything! I was surprised to see an artist that only has one album make such a stunning show! I was feeling so excited in all the concert.


Sadly I didnt get to take my pic with u in the afterparty, so many people! I hope next time!


Great gig! It's hard to think how you going to make a better one next time!



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Part Two

Mika's crew.

The Band:

Luke, you are such an incredibly nice guy, all the times you came out to talk, you kind of became unofficial spokesman for the band. It was nice and much appreciated. I loved you on the banjo during HJ, always loved the nods to make me put the penguins head up. Only for you Luke, only for you;-)

Saranayde, your bouncy infectious attitude made all the shows fun. And your voice compliments Mikas perfectly. Long may you reign!

Mikey, the man with the coolest bass guitar since Mark Kings, and the best bass lines too. And always enjoyed your booty shaking during Big Girls.

Martin, what can I say, your fantastic guitar playing only equaled by your crazy on stage, the balloon space hoppers were a master stroke!

And Cherisse, my idol, never mind Mika, you kicked his butt every time in the LT drum offs. You are awesome, and gave me the best ever birthday pressie with the signed drumstick.



John despite my intial concerns about how things seemed to be organised, I sinced learned of obsticles you were up against and you now have my complete admiration for the things you and your team have to do, to try and make things go smoothly. Your an amazing man, big thanks to you.


Andy, what can I say about the guy with so many names, they could fill a book.

The sweetest, kindest, funniest guy I have ever met, second only to his boss for professionalism.

The road trip was the most fun I've had in a while, and I'll bet you'll be so happy now not hearing the words "get that damn light out of my face" when you point the camera anywhere, ha ha.

Seriously though, you were great and I enjoyed every minute hanging out with you, will miss you lots. And your valentine always too;-)


So finally:


I have never in my life been so moved by anyones music as I have yours, you have made the last 4 months following you round on tour the best time of my life.

Never in a million years would I have ever gone walking through Glasgow dressed up in an animal costume. Or so I thought!

There is something you exude that makes the most cynical of people, I can be that way surprisingly, want to find their inner child, which is no bad thing, believe me.

I have had so much fun, and feel incredibly honoured that you picked me for your film, I did find it pretty disconcerting at first, and I still find it hard to fathom your reason for doing it, but I'm sure it a good one and I trust your judgement.

I want to thank so much for letting me be part of your amazing world, and I hope I can continue to do so.

Thanks big guy:-)

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I've only been to one concert of this tour but that day was definitely a day to remember. A day that always makes me smile and warms up my heart.

To see this man who turned your life uspide down live, standing in front of you and singing all these songs that bring colours and meaning to boring everyday is just priceless.

So a huge thanks!! To all- to Mika, the amazing band, Sara, his management and last but not least to the wonderful MFCers I met.


Can't wait for the next tour and hopefully my budget will allow me to go to more than just one gig.:naughty:

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Debs, Tooch, Robi, Carrie and kids, Wendy, Kath, Abby, Leigh, Ruth, Suzy, Christine, Jennie, Laura, Natalie, Yoppa, Kata, Bettasan, Em, Scg, Vicky, JuJu, Debbie, Blue, Vixen and her friend, Emmalou, Saralou, Charlotte, Sivan, Summer, Vanessa, Marianne, Sariflor, Russia, HJ(THE ORIGINAL) and his wife Big Girl, Tristiana, CazGirl, BB Vix and Sparkly1 (for making me laugh, a LOT), and of course FD.


love you Rose :wub2: I really enjoyed the sing along in the queue! in case you havent seen the videos yet, here they are:

Love Today:

Ring Ring:


And to your part 2 post, i loved it! You're so sweet Rose :wub2:

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Thanks Mika, Martin, Mikey, Luke, Cherisse, Saranayde, John, Jerry and everyone else involved with the tour.


The one show I went to back in November was one of the best experiences of my life. You know when you look forward to something so much for so long and when it comes it's always a letdown? Well this was just the opposite; it was better than I had hoped for and worth the wait. There aren't many times in your life you can honestly say that!


I'm looking forward to your next UK tour but in the meantime, Mika, make us a lovely shiny new album, and have a rest. Look after your voice, because that is what hooked us all in, it's precious, treat it with care, it's had a battering this year!!



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MIKA how you have kept up this long and grueling tour, astonishes me. But aside from those couple of times when you were ill, you have sung and performed for your fans, and kept patience when they all wanted you to sign something.

It was such a thrill to meet you at the m&g after the last show! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making the night so magical. I also know that all your gigs have been magical. Respect also to your brilliant band. They really are the wind beneath your wings!


MIKA FAN CLUB. It's great to have a place to belong, and to talk about Mika. It was wonderful to meet so many of you yeaterday, and see what you actually all look like! You also got to see what I look like! Hope you have recovered from the shock!! :thumb_yello:

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John & Jerry:

Thank you so much for being so kind to us crazy fans. You REALLY went above and beyond at the NYC gig on 2/2/08. We all want you to know HOW MUCH we truly appreciate all of the amazing things you did for us. We know how lucky we were. And thanks for being so kind to me....getting to the venue at 5 AM was the greatest thing I could have done, thanks for not thinking that I was MAD *like so many MFCers did*



Thank you SO MUCH for talking the time to meet with us before sound check. You have NO IDEA what it meant to us. Thank you for being so kind to your fans, and genuinely caring about us. Just like I said to you after the show - YOU HAVE THE GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD! You truly do. Thanks for the greatest show of my life. You are an amazing performer. And an AMAZING writer. Your music has changed every aspect of my life and the way I think and view the world. You brought sunshine back into my life. Everyday is so colorful. I am not the same person I was a year ago. THANK YOU MIKA!



We truly are a family, no matter how dysfunctional or issues we may have - at the end of the day we love each other no matter what. Everyone at Terminal 5 you made that the BEST experience of my life! I will never forget it as long as I live. And even out of all that day held, I made a life-long friend..for RL! LOL

I LOVE you Lucy, Alex, Jess, Aimee, Ada, Neil, Liam, Jackie, Erin, Jamie, Aubrey and Zoe. I have alot of pride in the MFC and take it very seriously. I think that most of us do. I cannot WAIT for the next tour! ....and to see you all again!



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Thank you for a fantastic time and enjoyable tour! I enjoyed every moment and getting to meet you Mika, and Andy.


Mika, you are a fine musician with major talent and I bet your next album is going to be fabulous! as a peer, I am musician as you are, I totally understand

how you get inside your music and make it so enjoyable to listen to and watch.

One day...maybe I can see you at work recording!:) It was wonderful watching all of you in the band having so much fun! Wish I could have met your mum, MIKA but you are lucky to have such a wonderful , devoted and caring family to get through the best tour I have ever witnessed in my whole life..


Thankyou , very much , MIKA


love Suzanne



MFC! I LOVE ALL OF YOU I have one my best friends now, Calicojasmine and getting to know all of you has changed my life and made life more enjoyable! I love you all. let is begin again with a cheer of joy and wait for the next journey! I loved meeting Calico , Stormy Weather, Lollipop Monkey, Bookwurm, Canuck Chick, Standard Toaster, Lillmot , Damango, English Rose, and lots more I just can

't remember all your names! much love,,,,,,,,,

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Thank you Mika, Martin, Mikey, Luke, Cherisse, Saranayde and all the crew, management, everyone involved etc for giving me so much to look forward to and enjoy. It makes me feel like a child again and I love it all so SO much.


Can't wait til the next tour, but make sure you all have a blooming good rest between now and then, because you've most certainly earnt it.


That's about it really, not gonna say loads, but just thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Really.

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To everyone involved in arranging and performing on this tour - thank you for making so many people so happy around the world.


To Mika: just over a year ago I was an ordinary sensible person, with responsible job, mortgage etc. Then I heard you sing "Grace Kelly" and it stopped me in my tracks. Life hasn't been the same since. I know all your songs by heart, I've joined your fan club ,and have been lucky enough to see you on tour. I have gone from mature adult to dizzy teenager and I am completely bemused as to how I could have ended up like this.


All I can say is that as an oldling I've seen hundreds of pop stars come and go over the years, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is something very special about you. So thank you for your music and the amazing year we have shared with you, and please don't make us wait too long for the next album

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I just want to say thank you to all of the Mika family (band members, managers, etc...etc...etc) for coming back to the United States to give us some more wonderful shows! There are so many Americans here who are appreciative and that are thrilled that they could be a part of the Dodgy Holiday tour. I include myself in that bunch!


I must give a extra special thank you to Nadja for picking me as one of the Lollipop Girls for the Chicago show. I'm really thankful she was so understanding when I was late and that she still allowed me to be a part of the show.

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The end of the tour gigs marked my first time attending any mika gig, i had so much fun watching him on stage showing of his talent to us and made me jump dance & sing so much.

I wanna thank Mika for bringing the world a true original music, that makes you cry, dance and laugh.

Wanna thank John for listening me very carefully on Thursday when i asked him for a small thing, i really appriciate it.

I have met few lovely people last Thursday and on Tuesday, i will never forget you. Rose, were are even now i think :wink2: .

Avoca, i don't need to add anything, you are the best. :wub2:


That's it i think LOL

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Thanks so much for bringing a little (ok alot) of colour into my life again.


Your music is amazing. Your such an inspiration to me.


So glad after listening to LICM most of last year, I decided to check out more on this guy called Mika. Best thing I ever did.


Your show at Hammersmith was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Your energy, enthusiasm, and love of what your doing shines through.


So glad I got to see you before LICM tour came to an end.


Am kind of running out of nice stuff to say about you, just don't change the way you are - or the way you treat people (esp your fans) as It makes a refreshing change to find someone so down to earth and considerate.


Take it easy and I know you'll come back with something even more amazing for your second record .... and I can't wait, though I'm gonna have to - aren't I.


To the MFC


Thanks so much for making me welcome. Love being here. Hope to meet alot more of you during future gigs. I think I'm gonna be going to alot of them ..... what can I say I'm completely hooked ....


To Mika's band and management. Thank you for all your hard work.


Nothing could have happened in 2007 without you.


Haven't been here long enough to have met any of you.


Martin, Cherrise, Mikey, Luke - you make the whole Mika experience amazing. Wouldn't be the same without you.


Saranayde - From someone who always wished she could do what you do nightly (that is sing obv) you have an amazing voice. Keep up the good work.


Can't wait to see what the rest of 2008 holds - It's started off pretty well for me so far :wub2:

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