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Another one!


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Hi Mikafans!


Here's a new member from Holland! I'm Rebecca, 17 years and I loooove Mika :mf_lustslow:. My sister gave his cd to me like one and a half year ago.. and from the first moment I was in love! The music, his style and looks, just everything.. I went to his concert in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and I'm going to his next Hollandgig in Westerpark on 8 July!

I'm reaaaally looking forward to it. And it's very nice to be here with other Mikafans! :blush-anim-cl:

I also play all of his music on the piano.. I have the sheets and it's amazing to play the same things as he do!


Bye! :wub2:

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Yeah! Another Dutchie! :thumb_yello:


Maybe you can show us your mika skills on the piano!?

Can you record it or something? :punk:


Well.. Welcome! I'm sure you'll having a great time here! :wink2:



yeah, that's a great idea! I will do that very soon, at the moment I will have the time.. great to show it to my friends either!

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