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a message from zahara's mother


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Hello everyone,


As you might have noticed, my daughter Zahara has not been online for a little while. On february the 20th, she was rushed to the hospital from which she was resigned earlier this morning. The doctors said they did not see any reason to keep her any longer. Zahara is at home now and she is doing fine.


It is not for me to tell why Zahara had to go to the hospital. It is Zahara’s job to do that. If she does not want to speak about the last couple of days, I want you to respect that choice.


If you seriously want to know what happened, for whatever reason, you can send a personal message via Zahara’s account. I will be checking for new messages every day during the next week and I will try to answer as many questions as possible. Please do not get frustrated if I will not answer all your questions. What happened is too intense and too personal to be talked about openly.


I hope you will understand.


Thank you,


Salvina van Hoenshoven, Zahara’s mother

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I'm really sorry to hear that but am glad she's doing better now.


Komt ze er wel weer helemaal bovenop?

Wens haar maar heel veel beterschap en een dikke knuffel voor jullie allemaal.

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Really hope Zahara get's well soon. Don't need to know what's wrong, when she's ready, she'll let us know.

Thanks to her mum for letting us know and hope you are well too.

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