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I guess Grace Kelly was the first song I heard and I loved it so much that I decided to use it for some choreography I was doing for a charity show in April 07. Using top hats and tail coats, the number was full on cabaret with kick lines et al.

Being a huge Queen fan, it's no wonder I have fallen for Mika's talents. Have just seen him for the second time at Brixton. Fabulous!



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Hey!! Welcome :D


Nawww I used Lollipop for a school dance !! I made the coreography and designed the costumes based on lollipop girl's costumes!! and I loved it :wub2:


it is so cool we can use Mika's songs to make our dances :D . And Queen is basically the half of my life, Mika's the other half lol :bleh:

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